How old is the ZTE Blade?

How old is the ZTE Blade?

ZTE Blade

Manufacturer ZTE
First released 21 September 2010
Type Slate smartphone
Dimensions 116 mm (4.6 in) H 56.5 mm (2.22 in) W 11.8 mm (0.46 in) D
Mass 130 g (4.6 oz)

Who makes ZTE Blade?

ZTE Blade/Manufacturers

How big is a ZTE Blade phone?

Big and wide. The 6.3-inch FHD+ IPS LCD touchscreen sports a 19:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

How much is ZTE Blade?

The price of the ZTE Blade 20 is around $144, which is about 52,121 Naira. It is currently available for purchase.

Does Verizon use ZTE?

Verizon, CenturyLink, Cincinnati Bell, América Móvil and Windstream are among the companies that told the FCC they still have equipment from Huawei or ZTE in their networks.

How much does a ZTE Blade cost?

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What is the largest ZTE cell phone?

Up next is a monster of a device — the ZTE Axon 30 fills your pocket with a massive 6.92-inch display.

Is ZTE a good phone?

ZTE has a lot of great phones in its lineup, and it’s finally back in the flagship race. There is a lot to like about ZTE’s devices on the whole. They tend to have solid designs and pretty good specs, and they’re typically much more affordable than the competition.

How much is a ZTE worth?

A ZTE ZMAX Pro is worth $20 to $30 based on the condition of the cell phone.

Does Verizon use Huawei?

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