How old is Naoki Urasawa?

How old is Naoki Urasawa?

62 years (January 2, 1960)
Naoki Urasawa/Age

Who is the antagonist in Pluto?

Pluto (プルートウ Purūtō) (also known as Bruton in the english dub of the 1980’s version) Is the central antagonist of The World’s Strongest Robot arc in the classic manga Astroboy, and also the titular anti-villain of Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto. is a giant fighting robot with horns and red stripes on his face and a power level …

How is Pluto related to Astro Boy?

The Story of Pluto Pluto is essentially a retelling of the story arc “The Greatest Robot On Earth” of the original Astro Boy series, and the manga was written and drawn by Naoki Urasawa. The plot follows a robot named Gesicht who’s investigating the mysterious deaths of both robots and humans.

Is Epsilon a boy or girl?

Epsilon is a bipedal humanoid robot resembling a woman. She has very light green skin, lime green hair with heavy front bangs, and green eyes. She has a built-in red headband that keeps her hair in place and contains extra sensors. Epsilon has built-in armor that doubles as her regular attire.

How old is Uran from Astro Boy?

However, she is usually only seen now and then in Dr. O’shay’s house where she and her brother reside. Her age is not stated but it is implied to be 6 or 7.

What is Naoki Urasawa best work?

Here are his best manga, ranked….Naoki Urasawa’s 10 Best Works That Aren’t Monster, Ranked

  1. 1 Pluto.
  2. 2 20th Century Boys (1999-2006) & 21st Century Boys (2007)
  3. 3 Yawara!
  4. 4 Asadora!
  5. 5 Master Keaton (1988-94) & Master Keaton Remaster (2012-14)
  6. 6 Billy Bat (2008-16)
  7. 7 Mujirushi: The Sign Of Dreams (2017-18)
  8. 8 Happy!

Is Toby alive in Astro Boy?

Tobio in the 1963 series The 1963 Astro Boy series has Tobio’s most brief appearance. He is introduced in the first episode’s opening scene, going for a joyride in his father’s car. Unfortunately, Tobio’s brakes malfunction and he is killed in a car accident.

What is Bora Pluto?

Bora is a Robot from the 2nd part of “The greatest robot on earth” and has 2-million horsepower. He and Pluto were both made by the same person, and he possessed the power to cause damage by screaming his own name. after he fights Pluto, he is destroyed by Astro boy from the inside.

Does Astro Boy have a sister?

Astro’s robot sister with a shown adoration towards Astro; she is a superhuman robot with a naive, tomboyish personality. Constructed by Dr. Ochanomizu as a “gift” for Astro, Uran is an extremely mischievous little girl who constantly lands her older brother in trouble.

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