How Old Is Louise in Gypsy?

How Old Is Louise in Gypsy?

Louise, C# to Eb, plays approx 17-18; the older version of Louise: Shy and loyal. At her mom’s prodding, she becomes the famous stripper Gypsy Rose Lee. Herbie: This role has been cast.

Who was in the original cast of Gypsy?

Gypsy Broadway Original Cast

  • Kathryn Albertson. Showgirl.
  • Marvin Arnold. Farm Boy.
  • Sterling Beath. Pop. Weber. (Understudy)
  • John Borden. Arnold (and his guitar)
  • Lane Bradbury. June.
  • Bobby Brownell. Newsboy.
  • Patsy Bruder. Marjorie May.
  • Gene Castle. Newsboy.

How old is June in Gypsy the musical?

Strong acting role. Dainty June (16-24) Baby June as a young teenager. The older she gets, the less she enjoys being her mother’s trained monkey.

Was Liza Minnelli in Gypsy?

The legendary Liza Minnelli performs “Some People” from Gypsy.

Who was Gypsy Rose Lee’s mother?

Rose Thompson Hovick
Gypsy Rose Lee/Mothers
The only person not welcome at these gatherings was Gypsy’s mother, Rose Hovick, the stage mom immortalized in the musical. Gypsy had told Preminger stories about Rose killing two people (a lover and a hotel manager), and then one day Rose appeared at the door and took a big pistol out of her purse.

Who was the real Baby June?

June Havoc
Actress and writer June Havoc, whose childhood in vaudeville as Baby June was immortalized in the musical “Gypsy,” has died in Connecticut at age 97, her publicist said Monday.

Did June Haver become a nun?

Haver turned to the Roman Catholic Church for solace, and in 1953 she gave up her $3,500-a-week contract to become a novice nun at the Sisters of Charity convent in Kansas. Her last film, “The Girl Next Door,” was released that same year. Just eight months later Ms.

Who is Herbie in Gypsy?

Jack Klugman
Stage casts

Productions Original Broadway cast 1959 Third Broadway revival 2003
Rose Ethel Merman Bernadette Peters
Louise Sandra Church Tammy Blanchard
Dainty June Lane Bradbury Kate Reinders
Herbie Jack Klugman John Dossett

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