How old is Jackie Chan Jade?

How old is Jackie Chan Jade?


Jade Chan
Birthdate 1988 [citation needed]
Age 11 At least 12 as of Black and White and Chi All Over
Nationality Chinese
Sign Dragon

Is Jade Chan related to Jackie Chan?

Jade Chan is the deuteragonist of the animated series Jackie Chan Adventures. She is Jackie’s 12 year old tomboy niece, who often comes along on his adventures, much to his dismay. She is voiced by Stacie Chan as young Jade and by Lucy Liu as adult Jade. In the Japanese dub from the series, she is voiced by Yoko Honna.

Who is the doctor hero?

Sivakarthikeyan on ‘Doctor’, the lessons he learnt from ‘Hero’ and why Siva 2.0 is just starting – The Hindu.

Who is Uncle Chan?

Uncle is one of the main characters in the Jackie Chan Adventures series. He is an older, yet unspecified, relative of Jackie Chan….

Previous Occupation Music Store Vendor Disco Dancer Opera Actor
Affiliation Chi Master Fong Section 13
Team J-Team (honorary member)
Partner Tohru, Jackie Chan

Who voiced Jackie Chan?

James Sie
James Sie is a Chinese-American actor and author. He was the voice of an animated Jackie Chan and several other characters in Jackie Chan Adventures, Master Monkey in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, taking over for Chan, and Eddy Raja in the Uncharted series.

Is the master a villain?

The Master is the main antagonist of the Doctor Who franchise. He is a member of the Time Lord race and is the childhood friend turned archenemy of the Doctor. An insane megalomaniac, the Master’s choice of name comes from his ultimate ambition, to conquer and reign supreme over the universe.

Is Christopher Eccleston in heroes?

Heroes (TV Series 2006–2010) – Christopher Eccleston as Claude – IMDb.

Why did Jackie Chan disown his son?

Jaycee is the only son of Jackie and his wife, Joan Lin, who married in 1982. In 2014, it was reported that Jaycee was arrested for drug possession. On Weibo, Jackie had apologised on behalf of his son. He said that he was ‘extremely furious’ about the incident.

What is uncle saying in Jackie Chan?

Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao (妖-yiu 魔-mo 鬼-gwai 怪-gwaai 快-faai 哋-di 走-jau) was Uncle’s chant throughout the show to defend against, as well as to defeat, supernatural forces of evil. It literally translates to: “Spirits, demons, ghosts, monsters, quickly leave!” or “Evil demons and malevolent spirits, be gone!”

Was Jackie Chan Adventures Cancelled?

The cartoon series premiered on September 9, 2000, and ran for five seasons until its conclusion on July 8, 2005.

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