How much oil does a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser take?

How much oil does a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser take?

Capacity: 5.5 quarts. . (with filter)After refill check oil level.

What kind of oil does a 2007 FJ Cruiser take?

A 2007 toyota fj cruiser takes sae 5w-30 motor oil and has a capacity of 5.5 Us quarts. It is recommended that you change the oil in your vehicle every 10,000 miles.

How much oil does FJ Cruiser take?

With a dry filter, the 4.0-liter V6 engine in the Toyota FJ Cruiser takeS5. 2 liters (5.5 quarts) of SAE 5W-30 motor oil.

How do you reset the maintenance required light on a Toyota FJ Cruiser?

Reset oil maint reqd service light Toyota FJ Cruiser

  1. Turn the ignition key to the ACC or LOCK position with the odometer reading shown.
  2. Turn the ignition key to the ON position while holding down the trip meter reset knob.
  3. .
  4. Hold down the knob for at least 5 seconds.
  5. The odometer indicates 000000 and the light goes off.

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a Toyota FJ Cruiser take?

The 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser came factory standard with A5-speed automatic transmission on all trim levels. This transmission is going to have a fluid capacity of 5.5 US quarts.

What is the best engine oil for FJ Cruiser?

Engine Oil

Viscosity: 0W-20 (All TEMPS) 0W-20 is the best choice for good fuel economy and starting in cold weather. If 0W-20 is not available 5W-20 may be used. However, it must be replaced with 0W-20 at the next oil change.
Torque: 30 ft/lbs (Oil Drain Plug)

How often should I change my oil FJ Cruiser?

every 6 months
Toyota recommends you change your FJ Cruiser’s oil and oil filter every 6 months or 5,000 miles (depending on vehicle year and oil type). In order to change your oil, you will need a flat space, a way to catch the old oil, enough new oil to fill it up, a new oil filter and an oil filter wrench to remove the old one.

What kind of oil does a 2008 FJ Cruiser take?

Mobil 1 Extended Performance Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 5 Quart.

How do you reset the maintenance required on a Toyota FJ Cruiser?

How to Reset the Maintenance Light on a FJ Cruiser

  1. Place the key in the ignition of the FJ Cruiser.
  2. Turn the key one click forward to the “ACC” or “Lock” position.
  3. Press the odometer reset button until the actual odometer reading is displayed.

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