How much of your loot can be stolen?

How much of your loot can be stolen?

Gold and Elixir

Town Hall Level % Available to be Stolen Storage Amount to Reach Cap
1 20% 2,500
2 20% 8,500
3 20% 100,000
4 20% 500,000

What is the max amount of loot you can get in clash of clans?

Max loot available on Town Hall 13: 550,000 Elixir and Gold.

Town Hall Level % Available to be Stolen Storage Amount to Reach Cap
7 6% 20,000
8 6% 33,333
9 5% 50,000
10 4% 75,000

Is it better to leave loot in clan castle?

According to this only 3% of the loot stored in your clan castle can be taken during a raid. Whereas 20% can be stolen from your gold storage and elixir storage according to the wiki. Therefore it is safer to keep your loot in the clan castle if you don’t plan on spending it immediately.

Can clan castle treasury be looted?

In the clash of clans the attackers can’t reach to your treasury. The gold, elixr and dark elixr stored in the treasury is completely safe from the attackers. Nobody can loot the treasury.

How much does it cost to upgrade dark elixir drill to level 6?

Upgrade Chart

Level Capacity Build Cost
4 840 1,200,000
5 1,280 1,500,000
6 1,800 1,800,000
7 2,400 2,400,000

Are dark elixir drill worth upgrading?

Are Dark Elixir Drills worth it? Yes, they are worth getting. By training dark troops, you can destroy a lot more than what you could do with regular troops.

How do you get DE in COC?

Collect the dark elixir from its resources (dark elixir drills). Dark Elixir drills are the one source to collect dark elixir without attacking. They fill up every hour with 360 DE at the lowest level. If you collect it 6 times, you will get 2160 dark elixir.

Can people steal loot from clan castle?

The level of the Clan Castle has no effect on the treasury capacity. Only 3% of loot stored in the Treasury will be stolen if an attacker completely destroys your Clan Castle, and if it’s not destroyed in an attack the attacker will not steal any loot from it at all. You can view your stored loot by tapping “Treasury”.

What does guard and sleep mean in clash of clans clan castle?

In guard mode, troops housed inside will defend the player’s village from attacks, whilst in sleep mode, troops housed inside will not do so. The latter mode can be useful to save Clan Castle troops for attacking, especially in Clan Wars.

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