How much is the train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi?

How much is the train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi?

Helsinki to Rovaniemi Train Price & Schedule

Train Travel time Price from
InterCity train 8 h 24 min 102 €
InterCity train 8 h 23 min 102 €
Santa Claus Express 12 h 49 min 126 €

Can you get a train from Helsinki to Lapland?

The Finnish double-decker night train, known as the Santa Claus Express, travels from Helsinki to snow-covered Lapland in the north. The train stops at Rovaniemi, the official home of Santa Claus, and then goes on to Kemijärvi, its final destination.

Is there an Auto Train from New York to Florida?

If you just want to hop the train between New York and Florida, the Silver Meteor and Silver Star lines are what you’re looking for. The Auto Train leaves every afternoon from both Lorton and Sanford around 4 p.m., arriving the next morning.

How many days do you need in Rovaniemi?

Spend 3-4 days in Rovaniemi. What is this? Rovaniemi is a great base to explore the area and take part in a wide variety of winter activities. The city has a range of restaurants, shops, and tour operators. Rovaniemi also has plenty of hotels in the city center, as well as just on the outskirts of town.

What is the nearest airport to Lapland?

What is the nearest airport to Lapland? The nearest airport to Lapland is Kittila (KTT) Airport which is 69.9 km away. Other nearby airports include Ivalo (IVL) (102.7 km) and Rovaniemi (RVN) (135.7 km).

What part of Helsinki should I stay in?

The most central area to stay in Helsinki is Kamppi in the heart of the city. It offers access to the most notable churches and museums in Helsinki. You’ll also enjoy convenient bus routes to the neighbouring towns and suburbs. Kamppi is where more tourists choose to stay, but there are several other options.

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