How much is the entrance fee for Chester Zoo?

How much is the entrance fee for Chester Zoo?

Generally, you can get tickets on the gate costing £24 per adult and £20 per child, although you’re entitled to a saving of up to 12% with a family ticket.

Do you have to pre book Chester Zoo?

We need all paying visitors to pre book their ticket online before you visit us so we can safely limit the number of visitors at the zoo each day. If you have a pre-paid ticket, such as an adopter ticket or open dated ticket, then you don’t need to book. Just bring your prepaid ticket with you on the day.

Is June Mottershead still alive?

Deceased (1926–2015)
June Mottershead/Living or Deceased

Do the Mottershead family still own Chester Zoo?

Chester Zoo was opened in 1931 by George Mottershead and his family. It is one of the UK’s largest zoos at 51 hectares (130 acres). The zoo has a total land holding of approximately 160 hectares (400 acres)….

Chester Zoo
No. of animals 35,000+ (2021)
No. of species 500 (2016)
Annual visitors 2,000,000 (2019)

Who is the owner of Chester Zoo?

George Mottershead
The North of England Zoological Society (NEZS) is the organisation that runs Chester Zoo and our conservation campaign, Act For Wildlife. That’s a long name, so we usually just say NEZS. It was formed by the zoo’s founder, George Mottershead, in 1934.

Where is George Mottershead buried?

After his death, his ashes were scattered on the zoo memorial garden dedicated to his wife Elizabeth who died in 1969.

How many elephants have died at Chester Zoo?

In zoos in some regions of the world, EEHV is the single greatest cause of death in young Asian elephants. Sadly, Chester Zoo has had a long tragic history of deaths from this disease: five elephants succumbed to the disease in the six years up to 2015.

Who did Muriel Mottershead marry?

First World War At least two of his brothers joined the Manchester Regiment, and they all served on the Western Front in France. While on leave, Mottershead married Elizabeth Atkinson at St Mary Magdalen Church, Ashton-on-Mersey, in 1916. They had two daughters, Muriel (born 1917) and June (born 1926).

Are dogs allowed in Chester Zoo?

Registered assistance dogs are welcome but we ask that you contact us in advance to let us know as there are certain routes that aren’t available for animal wellbeing reasons. We ask that other dogs aren’t brought to the zoo. I think well behaved dogs should be allowed as long as their kept under control.

How long can you stay at Chester Zoo?

over a year ago. over a year ago. If you are prepared to rush around without taking the time to appreciate what you see you could do it in 2 hours or so. However, to get the best experience, allow a full day.

How many animals are there in Chester Zoo?

Chester Zoo, which is home to about 12,000 animals, attracts 1.4m visitors annually, and has been named the UK’s best zoo by users of the travel website TripAdvisor. A book of condolence will be available for visitors to sign from Saturday.

How old was June when she went to the zoo?

A member of staff plays an imaginary trumpet to welcome her, June laughs and exclaims at the neat shrubbery that has supplanted some overgrown conifers. A trip to the zoo may bring back early memories for many of us, but for June, 88, a stroll around Chester zoo is a journey into her childhood universe.

What are the benefits of a Chester Zoo membership?

Our members get special discounts in our shops and cafes, unlimited entry, and some goodies along the way too. We even offer benefits with other zoos around the country, so you can be part of the Chester Zoo family even when you’re away from home.

Who ran the zoo when there were no visitors?

In the early days, the zoo had few visitors and George couldn’t afford to employ anyone. So the family ran the zoo. June’s mother, Lizzie, ran the cafe; June’s older sister, Muriel, became a keeper; their granny took admissions; and their grandfather, then 78, maintained the gardens and grew the food for the cafe.

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