How much is Jollibee meal in Philippines?

How much is Jollibee meal in Philippines?

Jollibee Super Meal One combination includes the famous chickenjoy, burger steak, a half jolly spaghetti, rice, and a regular drink. The Jollibee super meal price varies from ₱109.00 to ₱150.00. Not only can you save more, but you also get to enjoy three different meals in one sitting.

How much is a bucket of Jollibee?

Jollibee Menu

Menu Item Price
6 pc Chickenjoy Bucket ₱399.00
8 pc Chickenjoy Bucket ₱499.00
Family Super Meals
Family Meal A – 6 pieces Chickenjoy Bucket, 3 rice, 3 sides, 3 sundaes, 3 drinks ₱599.00

What is the market size of Jollibee?

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Volume 691.46K
Market Value ₱271.28B
Shares Outstanding 1.11B
EPS (TTM) ₱4.29
P/E Ratio (TTM) 55.36

How many employees does Jollibee have in the Philippines?

Jollibee Foods Corporation

Type Public
Net income ₱6.4 billion (FY 2019)
Total assets ₱187.3 billion (FY 2019)
Total equity ₱52.6 billion (FY 2019)
Number of employees 16,690 (2019)

What is value meal in Jollibee?

Jollibee is now serving 1-piece Chickenjoy with Burger Steak Value Meal (P130)-which has one-piece Chickenjoy, one-piece burger steak, served with rice and your choice of drinks.

How many pieces of chicken are in a Jollibee bucket?

6 Pieces (3 legs, 3 thighs) of our signature crispy juicy bone-in fried chicken. Served with a side of gravy for dipping. Choose from regular and spicy.

What is the price of KFC bucket?

KFC Mingles Bucket Price in India – kfc chicken price in india

KFC Offer KFC Bucket Price
Dips Bucket – 12 Pcs Rs.479
Chick & Share Bucket + 3 Pepsi Rs.469
6 Pc Hot & Crispy Rs.525
4 Pc Hot & Crispy Rs.360

What is the pricing strategy of Jollibee?

Price Strategy of Jollibee Jollibee products are decently priced to satisfy the overall demand of consumers from different classes. The company employs competition-based pricing. Because Jollibee is a price taker, they must accept the current market rate, which is decided by supply and demand dynamics.

How much is the market share of Jollibee?

In the fast food brand category, Jollibee leads the way with 37.5% market share followed by McDonald’s with 20.8%.

How many Jollibee stores are there in the Philippines?

Jollibee is the largest fast-food chain brand in the Philippines, operating a network of more than 1,400 stores.

Who is the CEO of Jollibee?

Ernesto Tanmantiong (Jul 1, 2014–)

What is Jollibee super meal a?

A Bucket of 6pc Chickenjoy with 3pc each of rice, sides, mini sundae and drink.

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