How much is an order of cake pops?

How much is an order of cake pops?

On average, most home bakers will sell their cake pops for between $1.50-$2.50 per pop. For custom orders, most people will require a minimum order of one dozen. They will generally charge between $18-30 per dozen.

Are cake pops easy to ship?

And cake pops are one of my favorite treats to gift. But they are also easy to ship and send to your favorite people. I’m often asked what’s the best way to package them so they make it safely to their destination.

Will cake pops melt in the mail?

Keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to take them to ship (again, helps keep them colder, longer, which prevents any melting in transport, not because they need refrigerated). GOOD TO KNOW: Cake pops stay good for two weeks.

What size stick is best for cake pops?

First things first when it comes to decorating your cake pops – you need to get them onto a stick. You can get your sticks in different sizes, with 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch being the most common. I tend to use the 6″ or 8″ sizes.

Can you order cake pops from Starbucks?

While you can get a cake pop at practically any Starbucks location these days, they are not made in-house. The cake pops you see behind the glass window are pre-made and distributed by an outside supplier.

Will cake pops melt at room temperature?

Cake pops are their best at room temperature. Out of the fridge, it will take around an hour to thaw.

Do you freeze cake pops before dipping?

Before dipping the balls you want to set the stick by placing the cake pops in the freezer for 15 minutes. If you dip them and the candy melts are too hot, they will crack because of the sudden temperature change.

Do you Chill cake pops before dipping?

The cake balls need to be extremely cold before dipping. Make sure you have enough room in your refrigerator or freezer for them. I always chill them on a large lined baking sheet.

Can I dip frozen cake pops?

Take the cookie sheet of cake balls out of the freezer about 5 minutes before you plan to dip them. If they are frozen when you dip them in the warm chocolate or candy melts the candy coating may crack from the change of temperature. Once you’re ready to dip the cake balls in coating you need to melt the chocolate.

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