How much is AIS per year?

How much is AIS per year?

Tuition for the 2021-22 academic year

PreKindergarten — $21,500 4th Grade — $31,700
Kindergarten — $23,600 5th & 6th Grade — $37,000
1st Grade — $28,500 7th & 8th Grade — $37,000
2nd Grade — $30,000 9th & 10th Grade – $41,250
3rd Grade — $31,700 11th & 12th Grade — $41,750

How much does Atlanta International School cost?


Grade Level 3K-4 9-12
Total Tuition*** $25,947 $29,621

Is AIS a good school?

AIS scored higher than the AP global average in most subjects, and exams graded 4.1 or above included calculus, macro-economics, Chinese language, studio art, and psychology.

Does Atlanta International School have uniforms?

Students at ICSAtlanta are required to wear a school uniform. Please read the school uniform policy thoroughly to ensure that your child is dressed correctly for the school year (the document link is below).

How much is Agnes Irwin High School?

Tuitions vary by grade/division, starting at $20,700 for PK and ending with Upper School at $39,750. No additional required fees.

How much is tuition at Notre Dame Academy?

2021-2022 Tuition

Pre-K (3-day program) $6,283
Pre-K 3 and K 4 (5-day program) $9,064
Kindergarten – Grade 8 $8,498
Grades 9-12 $16,590

How big is Atlanta International School?

13.5 acre
Atlanta International School’s 13.5 acre campus is situated in the Garden Hills neighborhood, in the heart of Atlanta’s Buckhead district.

How many students go to Atlanta International School?

Atlanta International School/Number of students

How many people go to Atlanta International School?

How much is Fulton Science Academy?

Tuition Information

Pre-K Tuition Elementary School Tuition High School Tuition
$12,500 $13,500 $14,250

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