How much is a Rupp Roadster mini bike worth?

How much is a Rupp Roadster mini bike worth?

If you’re lucky, you can still stumble across a Rupp Roadster at a yard sale–they sold hundreds of thousands of examples over the course of the company’s history–but that’s getting more and more unlikely. Unrestored Roadsters sell in the $400 to $800 range.

Does Rupp still make mini bikes?

Rupp Industries was a Mansfield, Ohio based manufacturer of go-karts, minibikes, snowmobiles and other off-road vehicles founded by Mickey Rupp in 1959….Rupp Industries.

Type Private company
Defunct 1978
Headquarters Mansfield, Ohio,U.S.
Key people Mickey Rupp, founder, former CEO
Products go-karts, snowmobiles, minibikes, dirt bikes

What is the fastest mini motorcycle?

If you are looking for the fastest production super bike, the X18-R Nitro ( Race Edition ) is it! Powered by a newly retuned and tweaked Honda®-Based 110cc 4-Stroke Engine, this super bike can reach stratospheric RPMs in only a few ticks.

Who bought Rupp?

After investment company purchase, company will now be known as TEMP-AIR, Inc. Rupp Industries, Inc. announced a change in ownership and a change in its name. An investment group has purchased the 42-year-old company after several months of negotiation with Rupp Industries’ previous owners.

Who made Rupp snowmobile engines?

Mickey Rupp
Mickey Rupp, the founder of Rupp snowmobiles, was born three years after his father’s company was started. Like his parent, he used his entrepreneurial skills to carve out business niches of his own. He started with go-karts. In fact, Mickey Rupp is renowned in a variety of ‘go-fast’ sports.

How much does a Rupp Roadster weigh?

“The all-NEW Dart-CYCLE,” says an ad from 1962, “is rugged yet beautifully designed. For fun, sport or any handy-economical transportation. Weighs just 69 lbs. Carry it in your car, plane or boat…

What is the point of a mini bike?

They’re good for learning how to ride According to this entry by Atlanta Motorsport Park, mini bikes are “not as scary” as riding a larger sportbike. A mini bike’s small size makes it easy to learn how to properly maneuver a bike. And if you drop it, you only have to pick up around 200 pounds.

What is the best mini moto?

The 15 best mini bikes of 2020

  • Razor Dirt Rocket MX350: Overall best mini bike.
  • XtremepowerUS 40cc Gas Pocket Bike: Best high-end mini bike.
  • Razor SX350 McGrath Electric Motocross: Best value mini bike.
  • Lil’ Rider Beginner Ride-On Bike: Best mini bike for toddlers.
  • Razor MX500 High-Torque: Best mini bike for adults.

What happened to mini bikes?

Popularity declined steadily, but leveled off in the early 1990s. Currently, machines can still be found at various retailers for less than $600. Recently there has been a trend of adult sized electric minibikes.

What years were Rupp snowmobiles made?

Recently my travels took me to Mansfield, Ohio. Being an old snowmobiler, the town’s name rang a few bells. From the mid-1960s into the early 1970s that’s where Rupp snowmobiles were built.

What kind of bike is a 1972 Rupp Roadster 2?

1972 Rupp Roadster 2 – Vintage Collectable Mini BikeThis is a matching numbers bike and is completely restored. All parts are either NOS, reproduction from Blackwidow Motorsports or refinished. The frame, swingarm, front fork, TC cover bracket, rear shock tubes & rear fender bracket are power coated.

How long has the Rupp roadster been in the family?

We are selling this bike that has been in the family for over 30 years due to taking in a foster child during the holidays to give him a 2nd chance for a great life. 1969 RUPP Roadster Mini-Bike.

What kind of engine does a Rupp minicycle have?

This model was made for only one year and was Rupp’s first larger minicycle offered in 1972. It used an 2-cycle 80cc Fuji engine with four speed manual transmission. It featured a 17-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear wheel. The bike is in very good condition for a bike that is 43 years old.

How much does a 1970 Rupp Enduro mini bike cost?

1970 rupp enduro mini bike – $800 This bike is all original except the throttle cable, grips, and the new paint on the gas tank, number plate, and the air cleaner. It runs and rides great but smokes a little when it warms up.

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