How much is a FN SLP shotgun?

How much is a FN SLP shotgun?

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Price $1,349.99
Gauge 12 Gauge
Chamber 3in
Capacity 6+1
Barrel Length 18in

What caliber is the scar?

7.62x51mm NATO
The FN SCAR®-H Mk2 STD assault rifle is chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO calibre and is available with barrels of various lengths (13” or 16”) . These barrels are interchangeable in less than 5 minutes.

Is the scar a real gun?

The FN SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle) is a family of gas-operated (short-stroke gas piston) automatic rifles developed by Belgian manufacturer FN Herstal (FN) in 2004.

Is the scar a good rifle?

While there are other similar home defense rifles on the market for less, the SCAR truly offers the most in versatility, accuracy, and overall value. It’s definitely expensive, but a great, reliable, and accurate firearm if you can swing it.

Does FN still make the SLP?

The SLP shotgun is gas-operated, and FN currently produces it in five different models: SLP Standard, SLP Mark I, SLP Tactical, “SLP Competition” and SLP Mark I Tactical.

Is the FN SLP discontinued?

With the FN SLP discontinued, shooters rely on consignment or word of mouth to acquire one of these great 12-gauge shotguns.

Does the military like the SCAR?

Short answer: they don’t. Here are 2 real Navy SEALs explaining why they hate the FN SCAR: If you don’t want to watch the video, I’ll sum up why they hate the SCAR: Way Too Unreliable (multiple failures overseas by multiple teams)

What is an SLP gun?

The FN SLP (Self-Loading Police) shotgun is a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun designed and manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium. FN claims that the SLP is “capable of firing eight rounds in less than one second”.

What does SLP stand for in FN?

The SLP is a modern self-loading shotgun of US origin that was designed for law enforcement use. SLP stands for “Self Loading Police shotgun”. The SLP family of shotguns was developed to meet the demands of law enforcement units, mainly for the US market.

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