How much is a 1990 Skyline?

How much is a 1990 Skyline?

The Nissan Skyline 1990 prices range from $2,200 for the basic trim level Sedan Skyline GX to $8,140 for the top of the range Sedan Skyline Silhouette GTS. The Nissan Skyline 1990 comes in Sedan and Wagon….Sedan.

Nissan Skyline Models SPECS PRICE
Silhouette GTS 3.0LRegular Unleaded Petrol 4 speed automatic $5,300 – 8,140

How much is a 1991 Skyline GTR?

This car, Lot 752, sold for $30,800, including buyer’s premium, at Leake’s Tulsa, OK, auction on June 8, 2019….Detailing.

Vehicle: 1991 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R
Original List Price: $31,000
SCM Valuation: $34,000

What is the rarest Skyline?

There are a few notably rare Nissan Skylines; the Z-tune, R400 and of course Brian O’Conner’s electric blue R34 from 2 Fast 2 Furious. But there’s only one truly rare-as-unicorn-plop Godzilla: the awesome R33 LM.

How much is the 1990 GTR worth?

1990 Nissan GT-R (from February 1990)

Model Chassis 2020 Price ($)
GT-R NISMO E-BNR32 59,886

How much is a 1990 R32?

Nissan Skyline – R32 (1989 to 1994)

1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R 73,000 km (45,360 mi) · Manual · RHD · Highly Original Covina, CA, USA $47,000 SOLD
1993 Nissan Skyline Gts-t Type-m 60TH Anniversary Edition 27,000 km (16,777 mi) · Automatic · RHD · Restored-Original Los Angeles, CA, USA $15,250 SOLD

How much is R34 GTR?

In 1999, a new R34 cost $45,000, which would be closer to $71,000 in 2021. Thanks to the lower production numbers and the unique rarer variants, the prices have slowly escalated, combined with a new love for both JDM cars and ’90s machines.

How many R34 GTRS are there?

With just 282 versions churned out by Nissan, the Midnight Purple II V-Spec edition R34 beats the 25-year restriction and is legal in the U.S.

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