How much HP can VQ30DET handle?

How much HP can VQ30DET handle?

JWT’s got a little stuff… Things I’ve heard but can’t confirm yet:-The VQ30DET internals can hold up to 550hp without much trouble.

What cars have VQ30DET?


  • 1995–2004 Nissan Gloria Y33, Y34.
  • 1995–2004 Nissan Cedric Y33, Y34.
  • 1997–1999 Nissan Leopard Y33.
  • 1996–2001 Nissan Cima Y33.
  • 2001–2007 Nissan Cima F50.

Is the VQ30DET a good engine?

The 3.0l VQ30 engine is very reliable. The first production year engines are very simple and cheap in repair. The common problems are similar to VQ35.

How long does a VQ35DE last?

Life expectancy is around 200,000 miles. In conclusion owners of the VQ35DE contained within the 350Z or G35 should be thankful the engine has been used in a wide variety of cars and SUVs over the last eighteen years.

Is the VR30 reliable?

Nissan VR30DDTT Reliability Is the Nissan VR30DDTT 3.0 V6 engine reliable? Yes, we believe this is a reliable engine overall. However, it’s always hard to say with relatively new engines since the VR30 has only been around about 5 years. There are always early kinks and flaws to work out with any new engine.

What does VR30DDTT mean?

Nissan’s VR engine family is represented by the letter VR, while the number 30 refers to the engine’s 3.0L displacement. The first D stands for DOHC, and the second D stands for direct cylinder injection of gasoline. Finally, the VR30’s twin turbo architecture is represented by the TT.

How long does 370Z engine last?

Our research showed that a typical Nissan 370Z can last up to 200,000 miles or more if it is properly maintained. Going by an average annual mileage of 15,000 miles, you are looking at 13 or more years of life service from the Nissan 370Z.

How much does a VQ35DE cost?

The price of engine vq35de ranges from $3200- $4000.

Can you turbo a VQ35DE?

However, the VQ35DE is a pretty stout engine. It’s generally good for about 400-425whp without completely killing longevity. With proper tuning, supporting mods, and fueling a little more power is possible. Regardless – all else equal – the more power you throw at the 350z with a turbo kit the greater risk.

What cars use the VR30?

What Cars Use the Twin Turbo VR30?

  • 2016-present Infiniti Q50.
  • 2017-present Infiniti Q60.
  • 2019-present Nissan Skyline (non-US)
  • 2022- Nissan Z Proto.

What is the valve lift on a VQ30DE?

Valve lift of the original VQ30DE is 8.55/8.55 mm, duration – 232/232 (single pattern cams). The crankshaft drives camshafts by the reliable timing chain. The VQ30 doesn’t have hydraulic tappets/lifters.

What kind of engine is the VQ30DET?

The VQ30DET is a 3.0 liter turbocharged V6 engine that was used in the ’95-’99 JDM Cedrics, Glorias, Leopards & Cimas (modell designations Y33, FY33, FHY33, & F33)… all of which are Infinity-like sport luxury cars.

What is the firing order of a VQ30 engine?

VQ30 firing order is 1-2-3-4-5-6. In 2000 VQ30DE-K engine appeared, representing the second version of VQ, The main differences between VQ30DE and VQ30DEK: intake manifold, camshafts, fuel injectors (290 cc), exhaust system. Since 1997 to 2004, VQ30DD engine had been produced.

What is the difference between VQ30DD and VG30DE?

The special version with direct fuel injection – the VQ30DD was produced from 1997 to 2004. The compression ratio of this engine is 11:1. For more power, this version is equipped with variable valve timing system (CVTC) and variable geometry intake manifold. In 2000 the VG30DE engine was redeveloped and named as VQ30DE-K.

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