How much does polycarbonate tubing cost?

How much does polycarbonate tubing cost?

Priced per foot; sold in 8′ intervals

Stock Description Price
43115 2″ OD x 1-3/4″ ID x 1/8″ Wall Polycarbonate Tubing $9.21/Foot In Stock Save [email protected]+ Save 10€+ Save 15$0+ $9.21/Foot In Stock
43117 2-1/4″ OD x 2″ ID x 1/8″ Wall Polycarbonate Tubing $10.17/Foot In Stock Save [email protected]+ Save 10€+ Save 15$0+ $10.17/Foot In Stock

How do you cut clear polycarbonate tubing?

If you want to make a straight cut onto a thick polycarbonate sheet, use for a table saw, or a circular saw. But, if you are cutting curves, you will need to get a band saw, or a jigsaw with a fine-toothed blade for either tool.

How strong is polycarbonate tubing?

How strong is polycarbonate tubing? Polycarbonate tubes are almost 250 times stronger than glass tubes and about 30 times stronger than acrylic tubes. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and is the toughest clear plastic.

How are polycarbonate tubes made?

Polycarbonate tubes are usually made from UV approved and UL rated materials, and they have excellent high temperature resistance and are flame-resistant and self-extinguishing. Polycarbonate tubes can be machined, drilled, cut and sawed and are easily joined with solvents or adhesives.

What is clear polycarbonate sheet?

Polycarbonate is a lightweight and durable plastic with excellent UV resistant properties. Lightweight and durable, our clear polycarbonate sheets are a great alternative to glass and many other clear plastics when you need good transparency plus shatter resistance and high strength.

How do you join polycarbonate tubes?

Gluing Polycarbonate with Superglue

  1. Apply the cyanoacrylate to a clean sheet of polycarbonate on the edges that will be joined.
  2. The adhesive will be ready to bond immediately – within a minute of applying the glue, hold the pieces of polycarbonate together until it can support its own weight.

How clear is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a transparent, strong and hard material: it is 250 times as strong as standard glass while weighing only half as much. Despite its robust qualities, this versatile material is also very easy to work with.

How do you make polycarbonate clear?

Polishing the edges of polycarbonate Do you want to make the edges of your polycarbonate crystal clear because of saw stroke or milling marks? The best way to do this is by flame polishing. Before start polishing, do some preliminary work with sandpaper.

What lengths does polycarbonate tube come in?

Polycarbonate Tube is Sold in 8ft. lengths in box set and single quantities depending on the item. Price is per 8ft. length. High tensile strength over a large temperature range

Is polycarbonate tubing Unbreakable?

Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and is the toughest clear plastic available. Polycarbonate offers toughness, dimensional stability, and excellent impact resistance and is available as film, rods, sheets, tubes and other shapes. Is polycarbonate tubing flexible? Polycarbonate is the toughest clear plastic available.

What is the best way to cut polycarbonate tubes?

The best way to cut polycarbonate tubes is using a table saw that’s outfitted with a special blade that’s designed specifically for cutting polycarbonate. Cut the polycarbonate tubes in a straight line using a guide at a steady, moderate pace to reduce the chance of chips and breakage.

How can we improve polycarbonate tubing?

How can we improve? Excellent strength and durability allow this tubing to handle high-pressure air and water applications. Polycarbonate tubing won’t degrade when exposed to the damaging effects of ultraviolet light. It should be used at temperatures above freezing. Tubing is clear, so you can easily monitor flow. It is rigid and does not bend.

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