How much does orthognathic cost?

How much does orthognathic cost?

Orthognathic Surgery Cost and Insurance When determining the cost of your procedure, hospital, surgeon, and anesthesia fees will all need to be taken into account. For this reason, total costs can vary dramatically, ranging from $20,000 to over $40,000.

Does health insurance cover orthognathic surgery?

Orthognathic (jaw straightening) surgery is not a dental insurance matter, but may be a covered benefit on the medical insurance. Although there are some medical plans that specifically exclude orthognathic surgery, most insurance plans permit the authorization of orthognathic surgery “when medically necessary”.

How do you qualify for orthognathic surgery?

Some cases that require corrective jaw surgery are:

  1. You have a receding chin.
  2. You have suffered from a facial injury or have birth defects that have misaligned your jaw.
  3. You have an overextended jaw.
  4. You have unbalanced facial features.
  5. You have an open bite.
  6. You have excessive teeth.

How much does orthognathic surgery cost in Mexico?

Tijuana Jaw Surgery Price List

Procedure Our Price in Mexico Price in USA**
Orthognathic Surgery $5,000-$8,000 $20,000-$40,000

How do I pay for corrective jaw surgery?

If patients do not have the option to pay for orthognathic surgery using their insurance or a flexible spending account (FSA), they often turn to dental health financing. These monthly payment plans are like traditional loans or credit cards.

Can you get jaw surgery without braces?

Surgery-First Approach For a small portion of patients, the surgery is performed first. In these cases, the maxillofacial surgeon performs corrective jaw surgery without pre-orthodontic care, and the orthodontist only renders the treatment after surgery.

Can you pay monthly for jaw surgery?

Monthly Financing and Orthognathic Surgery These monthly payment plans are like traditional loans or credit cards. A trusted lending institution will cover the total cost of oral surgery, and patients will pay the lender back on a monthly basis with a reasonable interest applied to the amount owed.

How do you pay for jaw surgery?

Fortunately, you have several options for making of oral and maxillofacial surgery more affordable.

  1. Cash Discounts.
  2. Payment Plans.
  3. Dental Discount Plans.
  4. Health Care Credit Cards.
  5. Bank Loans.
  6. Talk to Your Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Is corrective jaw surgery worth it?

Jaw Surgery might sound intimidating, frightening, or both. It isn’t easy to process the fact that your jaw needs to be realigned. Ultimately, overcoming the surgical aspects of orthognathic surgery is well worth the years of having a symmetric, visually appealing jawline.

Is jaw surgery risky?

Corrective Jaw Surgery Risks Risks include infection, bleeding or the need for further surgery to improve or adjust a result. While patients frequently feel numbness or tingling in various areas of their face and mouth after surgery, the sensation usually goes away as the swelling subsides.

What does a Genioplasty do?

Genioplasty is meant to balance your lower face. By altering your skeletal, soft tissue, and dental parts of your face, you can change your appearance. Your chin is an important feature on your face. Most genioplasties are done for esthetic reasons.

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