How much does an animal trailer cost?

How much does an animal trailer cost?

The costs of basic horse trailers vary greatly. They can range from $2,000 to $30,000 depending on their size, hauling capacity, weight, and material used to construct it.

Who manufactures Stockbonds?

Valley Trailers
Stock Trailers | Affordable steel livestock trailers by Valley Trailers.

How long is a gooseneck cattle trailer?

Gooseneck Models Length options range from 16′ to 36′. This gooseneck stock trailer offers prospective buyers the ability to customize their trailer from an almost endless list of customization options.

How many cows are in a stock trailer?

“These trailers can haul 28 to 30 cows, and with the ground load cattle can be loaded or unloaded anywhere. A lot of ranchers have permanent corrals in various places, or portable corrals.

What are livestock trailers used for?

Livestock trailers allow you to transport livestock across short or long distances. Due to the variety of livestock and the differences in weight and specific needs of each type of livestock, there are numerous styles of trailers available on the market to ensure the safe and comfortable transport of these animals.

How wide should a cattle trailer be?

6’10” This is what most people consider a standard 7′ wide stock trailer. Biggest reason most people choose this option is because it has no fenders on the inside of the trailer and all the fender is on the inside. Most standard stock trailers you will find on lots are this width.

How long can cattle be in a trailer?

Livestock animals, including cattle, can be on a truck for up to 28 hours before they must be unloaded. However, this 28-hour period includes the time it takes to load and unload the animals. As this can be a time-consuming process, cattle may spend significantly less than 28 hours actually on the road at one time.

How many cows can you fit in a 24 foot trailer?

For example, according to the chart a 24′ x 7′ trailer can safely haul a maximum of eleven 1,200 pound cows.

Why can’t you haul horses in a cattle trailer?

Transporting horses in older trailers increased the risk of injury, but associating trailer or van type with injury was difficult since the results contained data from 46 different manufactured brands of trailers and 12 models of trucks, with either two or three models.

What are livestock trailers called?

A livestock trailer also known as an animal transport trailer is used for the transportation of cattle, horses and pigs.

What are the different types of livestock trailer?

Livestock trailers go by many different names—stock trailers, hog carts, portable hog traps, portable corrals, cattle trailers, and hydraulic lift livestock carts, to name a few—but all are designed to help with moving, corralling, and working with livestock such as sheep, hogs, and cattle.

Why cm livestock trailers?

Offering several economy, steel, and aluminum trailer models, CM Livestock Trailers can fit any need or budget. Known for their durability, longevity, and versatility, CM Stock Trailers are not only impressive to look at, but they are also functional and cover a broad range of uses and occupations.

What is a a stock trailer?

A stock trailer is the only trailer used in cattle production where corrosion from animal waste is a concern, it is a HUGE problem. Livestock waste is corrosive to steel and will make a stock trailer rust out faster than anything.

What is the difference between a stock trailer and a Galyean?

The obvious difference is the construction of the trailer itself. You see, stock trailers have a uni-body construction, that is, the body is the frame. Therefore the durability of the frame dictates the lifespan of the trailer. GoBob’s Galyean will outlast the rest! Standard stock trailers use fenders and body pans made out of 12 gauge sheet metal.

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