How much does a giant reign weigh?

How much does a giant reign weigh?

14.28 kg
At 14.28 kg, the Reign is the second lightest bike in the test field. This is certainly also due to GIANT’s own TRX0 carbon wheels which are shod with MAXXIS tires in the EXO+ casing.

How much do Giant bikes weigh?

Giant gives a frameset weight (painted frame, painted uncut fork, integrated seatpost, seat clamp, front and rear derailleur hangers) of 1,265g.

How much does a Giant Reign SX weight?

15.7 kg
The Reign is iconic in Giant’s lineup and it could even be considered royalty even, and the latest 15.7 kg SX 29er with 170/146 mm of travel is targeted firmly at the bike park enthusiast. True to their name, Giant are something of a super-sized brand and with such buying power, always deliver on value.

How much does the Giant roam 4 weight?

2020 Giant Roam 4 Disc

MSRP $450
Weight 31.3 lbs
Suspension Hardtail
Travel 63mm front
Frame Aluminum

Is 30 lbs heavy for a mountain bike?

30lbs is about standard for an entry level hardtail. 24-25lbs is good for nice mid-range alloy hardtail. You can get less if you spend $$$ for a carbon hardtail. If you want FS then 30lbs for nice all mountain bike 5-6″ travel is about the norm.

What is a Giant Reign SX?

This amped up version of the Reign enduro and all-mountain machine is made for riders who gravitate toward steep, rough and aggressive descents. If hammering through rock gardens and flying down steep descents is your idea of the perfect ride, then Reign SX is the machine for you.

What is Giant Reign for?

Steep drops, blind lines, chunky singletrack through roots and rocks. This fierce 29er helps you tame the wildest enduro terrain with smooth suspension and confident handling. From the bike park to weekend enduros, daily trail sessions to rowdy backcountry adventures, this full-suspension 29er is ready for action.

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