How much does a 200 hp outboard engine cost?

How much does a 200 hp outboard engine cost?

Expect today’s best 200-hp outboard motors to have some weight, especially 4-stroke models. After 2014, just about any maker’s 200-hp outboard V6 engine costs upward of $20,000 installed, depending on your gauge package, controls, installation, etc.

How much does a 200 horsepower Suzuki cost?

New 2022 Suzuki Outboard Engines:

Engine description (all engines NB – Nebular black – in color, unless specified). Clark Marine SALE PRICE
Suzuki DF 200 ATX4 $14,485
Suzuki DF 200 ATXW4 (Color: White) $14,925
Suzuki DF 200 ATLRSS4 (Color: MB2, Matte Black) $14,635
Suzuki DF 200 ATXRSS4 (Color: MB2, Matte Black) $14,940

How much does a 200 hp Mercury outboard cost?

Mercury Marine 200L Fourstroke • $16,265.

How much does a Yamaha 200 outboard motor cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $19,090 $19,175
Total Price $19,090 $19,175
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How much does a 200 hp Johnson outboard weight?

200 hp – 520 lbs.

Who makes the lightest 200 hp outboard?

Yamaha F200
The new Yamaha F200 is not only the world’s lightest 200hp 4-stroke outboard, it also boasts the best power-to-weight ratio of any 200hp 4-stroke.

How much is a 250 horsepower Mercury outboard?

Mercury Marine 250XL Verado • $24,465 Mercury Verado is the pinnacle of superior outboard design and performance.

What does a 300 hp outboard cost?

Mercury Marine 300XL Pro XS • $24,180.

How fast does a 200 hp boat go?

You can expect speeds between 18 and 28 miles per hour for a 90 HP pontoon boat and speeds of between 37 and 45 miles per hour for a 200 horsepower pontoon boat.

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