How much does a 18 foot pool liner cost?

How much does a 18 foot pool liner cost?

Above Ground Pool Liner Cost

Size & Shape Average Cost
12′ Round $125 – $259
18′ Round $169 – $459
24′ Round $219 – $629
30′ Round $369 – $769

Are thicker pool liners better?

A thicker inground pool vinyl liner will be able to withstand more impact and is more resistant to punctures.

Is a light or dark pool liner better?

Deep Blue- A darker liner is more likely to absorb sunlight, and therefore can help to warm your pool water. Darker liners will also make it more difficult to see debris and dirt in your pool. They will attract less sunlight and will be less likely to show bleaching and fading as fast over time due to less UV damage.

How many years does a pool liner last?

The typical lifespan of a vinyl liner is anywhere from 15-20 years and where your liner falls in that range depends, most crucially, upon your proper maintenance of the pool’s chemistry.

What gauge of pool liner is best?

Liner Durability If you have an above-ground or in-ground swimming pool that sees heavy use it’s often better to go with a thicker vinyl pool liner. Both 20 gauge and 25 gauge vinyl pool liners are typically made with double-weld seams to enhance durability.

How long will a 30 mil pool liner last?

How wide is an 18 ft round pool?

At 18 feet wide, 48 inches in height and loaded with great accessories, the Intex Metal Frame Set Pool is great for making a splash in the warm weather. Easy to assemble and maintain, this pool is great for hosting friends and family at an excellent value.

How do you measure an 18 foot round pool?

Round Pools Just divide the pool’s diameter by two to get the radius, then add six inches for the frame. Put a stake in the center, and measure your string to that length.

Is there a shortage of pool liners?

It’s not just chemicals – Liners too Every pool needs a liner. This affects the swimming pool industry as these are the industries that produce the materials which pool liners are made from. In short, there are extremely high liner shortages this spring and summer due to manufacturing delays from 2020 and into 2021.

Do dark pool liners make water warmer?

Others claim that the darker color has no impact on their temperature. The fact is that technically, darker colors help absorb the sun’s heat. There is no conclusive evidence available to tell us whether or not the pool actually gets warmer depending on the color of the liner.

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