How much did iPod touches cost?

How much did iPod touches cost?

Three Models, Three Prices

Model Price
32 GB iPod Touch US$199
128 GB iPod Touch $299
256 GB iPod Touch $399

How much is iPod in the Philippines?

Apple iPod Touch 2019 is available in three variants with different internal storage sizes. In the Philippines, these are priced at PHP 14,990 for the 32GB version, PHP 21,490 for the 128GB variant, and PHP 27,990 for the 256GB model.

Is an old iPod touch worth anything?

Vintage iPods, along with rare VHS tapes and old computers, are now worth thousands of dollars, according to Yahoo Finance. Sellers on eBay are listing their factory-sealed first and second generation iPods (and iPhones) for upwards of $20,000.

Is Apple iPod touch worth buying?

For most people, the iPod touch is not worth buying in 2021. While the $199 entry-level price point is very attractive, the iPod touch sports a chip that is almost half a decade old. It also has pretty weak cameras by today’s standards.

Is there a new iPod touch coming out in 2021?

Eighth-gen iPod touch with iPhone 12-style design planned for launch in autumn 2021, according to latest report. According to a Twitter post from the technology writer Steve Moser, the eighth-gen iPod touch will be launched some time in the autumn of 2021, which sounds pretty believable.

Is there a monthly fee for Apple iPod Touch?

No, if you use wifi you have no additional fees for a iPod touch. If you use all “FREE” apps, music and movies there is never another charge…of course you can always pay for additional apps from their store.

How can I sell my iPod Touch?

How do I sell my iPod Touch? Accept the top offer on uSell, and we’ll send you a free shipping kit to send in your iPod Touch. Your buyer will inspect your device. As long as it matches your description, the buyer will issue payment for your iPod Touch via check or PayPal within 2 business days.

Is there a market for old iPods?

The outdated tech collecting dust in your closet could very well be worth big bucks. Like rare VHS tapes and old computers, vintage iPods are now considered highly prized collectibles. The first one hit the market in 2001—selling for a whopping $399, or double the price of today’s iPod Touch.

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