How much damage did Cyclone Yasi do?

How much damage did Cyclone Yasi do?

Cyclone Yasi: What happened | ABC News The massive category-five cyclone crossed the far north Queensland coast early on February 3, 2011. Take a look back at how it shattered lives and caused more than $800 million in damage.

What has happened to Dunk Island?

After years of financial uncertainty Far North Queensland’s Dunk Island has been purchased by an Australian private equity firm that specialises in entertainment and hospitality investments.

What destruction did Cyclone Yasi cause?

The cyclone caused widespread damage between Cooktown and Townsville and destroyed homes, businesses, infrastructure and crops. It damaged more than 9,000 kilometres of road and affected more than 4,500 kilometres of the Queensland Rail network.

When did Dunk Island close?

A resort on Dunk Island was first established in 1936, and it was especially popular among wealthy visitors in the 1960s. It was refurbished from the mid-1970s, and comprised 160 rooms popular with families and couples. The resort was devastated by Cyclone Yasi in 2011 and has been closed since that time.

How did people survive Cyclone Yasi?

Flights out of north Queensland filled up quickly as thousands of people evacuated; businesses closed down and many patients in local hospitals and nursing homes were relocated. Other residents simply battened down the hatches to ride out the storm.

Where did Cyclone Yasi hit in Australia?

north Queensland
Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi slammed into the north Queensland coast near Mission Beach in the early hours of 3 February 2011. As a category 5 storm at landfall, it was one of the most powerful tropical cyclones to hit Queensland since records commenced.

Is Dunk Island open again?

Dunk Island is currently open for day trippers and campers. The resort remains closed until further notice. Dunk is a continental island lying just off the coast near Mission Beach in Tropical North Queensland. Dunk Island can be accessed by water taxi from Mission Beach.

Where was Cyclone Yasi in Australia?

north Queensland coast

Where did Cyclone Yasi affect the most?

North Queensland’s major cities, Cairns and Townsville, were spared major damage, although large trees were uprooted and power lines brought down. Instead Cyclone Yasi had its biggest impact in smaller towns. Tully, Mission Beach, Cardwell, Silkwood and Innisfail bore the brunt of the monster storm’s wrath.

Did anyone died in Cyclone Yasi?

Although Yasi was one of the most powerful cyclones to have affected Queenslanders since records commenced, only one cyclone-related death was recorded. A man died while sheltering in his home, asphyxiated on fumes spewed out by a generator he was using in a confined space.

When did Cyclone Yasi end?

January 26, 2011 – February 6, 2011
Cyclone Yasi/Dates

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