How much can a CAT 777 haul?

How much can a CAT 777 haul?

The Caterpillar 777 is a 100-ton haul truck, typically used in open pit mining, manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. The first model of Caterpillar 777 was introduced in 1974. Its diesel engine is capable of putting out 870 horsepower (650 kW).

How much does a 777 rock truck cost?

Beyond the 797’s cost of $3.4 million, mine operators need to make serious infrastructure changes to accommodate it. The mining roads they operate on, for instance, must be three times the width of the widest truck running on them, and the service shops often need enlarging and reequipping.

How many yards does a 777 hold?

The 777D 78.6 yd3 (60.1 m3) body provides the capacity to achieve rated payload in 2,900 lb/BCY material and maintain excellent load retention.

How much does a 777f weight?

107756 lbs

Body Weight 107756 lbs (48,878 kg)
Body Weight Range 36200
Chassis Weight 107756 lbs (48,878 kg)
Empty Weight 163089.9 lbs (73,977 kg)
Gross Machine Operating Weight (GMW) .ISO 3471:1994 ISO 3449:1992 Level II lbs (0 kg)

How much does a Caterpillar 777 weigh?


Empty Weight 124402.5 lbs (56,429 kg)
Loaded Weight 294405.4 lbs (133,541 kg)

What is the biggest dump truck in the world?

Belaz 75710
Belaz 75710 The Belaz 75710, with a capacity of 496 tons, is the biggest dumper truck in the world.

How much does a CAT 777 weight?

How much cargo can a 777-300 carry?

The Boeing 777-300 and 300ER is capable of carrying approximately 21,000kgs of cargo in addition to a full passenger load. The Boeing 777-300ER (ULR) is capable of carrying approximately 18,000kgs of cargo in addition to a full passenger load.

How wide is a 777?

Boeing 777 Classics Table

Variant 777-200 777-300
Tail Height 18.5 Metres(60 feet 9 inches) 18.5 Metres(60 feet 8 inch)
Cabin Width 5.87 Metres(19 ft. 3 in.) 5.87 Metres(19 ft. 3 in.)
Fuselage Width 6.20 Metres(20 ft. 4 in.)
Maximum Freight Capacity 162 Cu Mtr(5,720 cu ft)32× LD3 216 Cu Mtr(7,640 cu ft)44× LD3

How much does a dump truck driver earn in South Africa?

The average dump truck driver salary in South Africa is R 156 900 per year or R 80.46 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 146 865 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 202 200 per year.

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