How many wards are in Ona Ara local government?

How many wards are in Ona Ara local government?

eleven wards
Ona–Ara Local Government comprises of eleven wards.

What is the meaning of Ona Ara?

‎Ona-Ara is in need of urgent help. No doubt, the council is the most backward local government area in the state. Literally, Ona-Ara can be translated to mean ‘miraculous way’. It is one of the 11 local government areas in Oyo Central senatorial district.

Which local government is Amuloko in Ibadan?

Regions in that contain this locality

Region Type
Nigeria Country
Oyo, Nigeria State
Ona Ara, Oyo, Nigeria Local Government Area
West Africa UN Subregion

What is the largest local government in Oyo State?


Name Status Population Projection 2016-03-21
Ibadan North West Local Government Area 216,400
Ibadan South East Local Government Area 374,400
Ibadan South West Local Government Area 397,700
Ibarapa Central Local Government Area 145,100

Which area is Ibadan North East?

Ibadan North-East (Yoruba: Ariwa-Ilaorun Ibadan) is a Local Government Area in Oyo State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are on Iwo Road. The postal code of the area is 200….Ibadan North-East.

Ibadan North-East Ariwa-Ilaorun Ibadan
Time zone UTC+1 (WAT)

How many wards are in Ibadan North Local Government?

It is divided into eleven wards and has its administrative headquarter at Onireke.

Which local government is oluyole?

Ibadan South-West
Ibadan South-West is a Local Government Area in Oyo State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are at Oluyole Estate in Ibadan.

Which local government is iyaganku?

Ibadan Northeast local government area is situated in Oyo state, Southwest geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The LGA has its headquarters in Iwo road area of Ibadan city and the LGA comprises a number of districts such as Orita Bashorun street, Iyaganku GRA, Iwo road, Total Garden Area, and Monatan.

Which local government is Mokola in Ibadan?

Ibadan North local government area
In Ibadan North local government area, Quartzite form prominent topographic feature around Asipa, Oke Aremo, Premiere hill, Mokola-Oremeji ridge, the ridge between The Polytechnic and University of Ibadan Campuses ( Obed et al., 2018 ).

Who is the current chief judge of Oyo State?

And lastly, the judiciary is headed by the Chief Judge of Oyo State High Court. The present Chief Judge of the state is Muktar Abimbola.

What is the size of Lagos?

452 mi²Lagos / Area

Who is the Chairman of Ibadan North East?

Ibrahim Akintayo
Ibadan North-East

Ibadan North-East Ariwa-Ilaorun Ibadan
Country Nigeria
State Oyo State
• Local Government Chairman and the Head of the Local Government Council Ibrahim Akintayo (PDP)

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