How many trophies did Barca win in 2012?

How many trophies did Barça win in 2012?

They ended the La Liga season as runners-up, nine points behind winners Real Madrid, who finished with a record 100 points having clinched the league title by defeating Athletic Bilbao 3–0 on 2 May 2012….2011–12 FC Barcelona season.

2011–12 season
La Liga 2nd
Copa del Rey Winners
Supercopa de España Winners
UEFA Champions League Semi-finals

How many trophies did Barça win in 2013?

Villa, who joined Barça in the summer of 2010, played 119 times and scored 48 goals and leaves the club after three seasons and eight trophies won.

Who won the 2012 2013 La Liga?

2012–13 La Liga

Season 2012–13
Dates 18 August 2012 – 1 June 2013
Champions Barcelona 22nd title
Relegated Mallorca Deportivo La Coruña Zaragoza
Champions League Barcelona Real Madrid Atlético Madrid Real Sociedad

How many games did Messi play in 2012?

The year 2012, in which Lionel Messi scored an incredible 91 goals in 69 games, began inauspiciously for him. He got sick. On January 4, the morning of Barcelona’s first game of the year, the club’s doctor took a look at him and told him he wasn’t fit to play.

Who won La Liga in 2014?

2014–15 La Liga

Season 2014–15
Dates 24 August 2014 – 24 May 2015
Champions Barcelona 23rd title
Relegated Elche Almería Córdoba
Champions League Barcelona Real Madrid Atlético Madrid Valencia Sevilla (as Europa League champions)

Who won La Liga in 2011?

Real Madrid
The 2011–12 La Liga season (known as the Liga BBVA for sponsorship reasons) was the 81st season of the top level Spanish association football competition. The campaign began on 27 August 2011, and ended on 13 May 2012. Real Madrid won a record 32nd title following victory over Athletic Bilbao on 2 May 2012.

Who was Barcelona coach in 2012?

Tito Vilanova
2012–13 FC Barcelona season

2012–13 season
Head Coach Tito Vilanova
Stadium Camp Nou
La Liga 1st
Copa del Rey Semi-finals

When did Puyol retire?

Carles Puyol/Career end

He ended his professional football career in 2014. , among others. He is also part of the team that won an unprecedented six-fold in 2008-2009. At the time of his retirement in June 2014 due to recurring injuries, Puyol was the second player to play the most matches for Barcelona behind his friend Xavi.

What are the average attendances for each Premier League club?

Roma – Average attendance between 2013-2018 = 37,612 45. Everton – Average attendance between 2013-2018 = 38,451 44. Napoli – Average attendance between 2013-2018 = 38,475

Which football clubs have the highest average attendance?

Everton – Average attendance between 2013-2018 = 38,451 44. Napoli – Average attendance between 2013-2018 = 38,475 43. Beijing Guoan – Average attendance between 2013-2018 = 38,761 42. Juventus – Average attendance between 2013-2018 = 38,778 Juve players celebrate in front of their fans. 41.

When did the 2012/13 Premier League season start and finish?

The season began on 17 August 2012 with promotion candidates Cardiff City hosting newly promoted Huddersfield Town at Cardiff City Stadium and finished on 27 May 2013 with the play-off final . Of the 24 teams which participate, eighteen of these remain following the 2011–12 Football League Championship.

Who won the 2012 Football League One play-off final?

The final place was decided on 26 May 2012, as Huddersfield Town defeated Sheffield United 8–7 on penalties, in the 2012 Football League One play-off Final .

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