How many RTO are there in Gandhinagar?

How many RTO are there in Gandhinagar?

5000 for four wheelers. A fancy number can be obtained by public auction that is conducted whenever a new number series is opened at the RTO….RTO Gujarat.

RTO Locations Gandhinagar
RTO Code GJ-18
RTO Locations (All Gujarat State Road Transport Buses are Registered under this Series.) Chhota Udaipur
RTO Code GJ-37

What gj 27?

Ahmedabad East
GJ Registration – Regional Transport Office (RTO) GJ-27

Registration Authority ARTO Ahmedabad East
Number GJ-27
City Ahmedabad
State Gujarat
Email [email protected]

How can I get driving Licence in Gandhinagar?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. Prescribed fees.
  2. Proof of age, appropriate for relevant class of vehicle.
  3. Proof of residence.
  4. Application-cum-declaration as to the physical fitness in Form-1.
  5. Medical Certificate in Form No.
  6. Three recent passport size photographs of the applicant.

How many RTO are there in Gujarat?

38 Regional Transport offices
There are 38 Regional Transport offices in Gujarat including RTO and ARTO in different locations of the state….Transport Department.

RTO Code RTO Name
GJ-02 Mehsana
GJ-03 Rajkot
GJ-04 Bhavnagar
GJ-05 Surat

Where is GJ number plate from?

What about old number plate area codes?

GJ London (South-West)
GK London (South-West)
GL Truro
GM Reading

What is GJ in number plate?

In Gujarat, government vehicles have number plate with letter G and GJ, which is reserved for government firm vehicles. (e.g. : GJ 18 G 5123 and GJ 18 GJ 6521). All other letters except G are used by passenger vehicles.

What gj 37?

Trace Vehicle GJ-37- Chhota Udaipur RTO & Registration owner name and address info

State : Gujarat
State Transport Code : GJ
RTO Code : 37
RTO / Registration office: Chhota Udaipur
Vehicle Number : GJ-37

What gj 32?

GJ-32 RTO Botad, Gujarat

State Gujarat
State Transport Code GJ
RTO Code GJ-32
RTO / Registration Office Botad
Address Botad, Gujarat

What is the fees for driving licence in Gujarat?


Sr. No Purpose Amount in Rs
1 Issue of learner’s licence in Form 3 for each class of vehicle 150
2 Learner’s licence test fee or repeat test fee, as the case may be 50
3 For test, or repeat test, as the case may be, of competence to drive (for each class of vehicle) 300
4 Issue of a driving licence 200

What is DL Services slot book?

What is Driving License Slot Booking? This simply means appointment for appearing in the Driving License Skill Test exam. One can book the DL test slot online.

What country’s international vehicle registration code is Mex?

Current codes

Code Country From
MAL Malaysia 1967
MC Monaco 1910
MD Moldova 1992
MEX Mexico 1952

What is the role of RTO office in Gandhinagar?

Gandhinagar RTO office plays a vital role when it comes to handling the Gujarat Transport Department to establish and implement rules under the guidelines of the Motor Vehicle Act. Following are some of the functions of the office:

Where is the RTO office in Ahmedabad?

ARTO Office, Amrutbaug, Near Swaminarayan Gate, Bavla, Ahmedabad. RTO Office Gujarat Address: Block-6, Second floor, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Gandhinagar – 382010.

Where can I find the RTO office in Bhavnagar?

RTO Office, Dhanecha Vadla, Bhavnagar – 364003. RTO Office, Ring Road, Nanpura, Surat – 385001. RTO Office, Near Golden Chokdi NH 8, Darjipura, Vadodara – 390006. RTO Office, Opposite Gov. Circuit, Mile Road, Kheda-Nadiad -387001. RTO Office, Balaram Road, Highway, Palanpur (Banaskantha) – 385001.

Where is the RTO office for gj-18 in India?

However, the state that lies for the RTO office for GJ-18 is Gujarat, and the state transport code is GJ. As per that, the RTO code is GJ-18, and the office is in Gujarat only. You can ask out for the office from locals, and it is easily accessible.

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