How many natural lakes are in Indiana?

How many natural lakes are in Indiana?

These are 19 natural lakes in Indiana over 500 acres in size. Hundreds more range from a few acres to nearly 500 acres. Other large Hoosier natural lakes are Bass Lake, 1,345 acres, Lake James, 1,039 acres, pretty Lake Maxinkukee, 1,854 acres, and Clear Lake, at 800 acres.

What is the cleanest lake in Indiana?

The Best Lakes In Indiana

  1. Patoka Lake. Known as: The second-largest reservoir in Indiana; the “Jewel of Southern Indiana”
  2. Clear Lake. Known as: The clearest lake in Indiana.
  3. Barbee Lake. Known as: A chain of seven interconnecting lakes.
  4. Tippecanoe Lake.
  5. Lake Wawasee.
  6. Lake James.
  7. Lake Michigan.
  8. Brookville Lake.

What is the second largest natural lake in Indiana?

Lake Maxinkuckee
The second largest natural lake in Indiana, Lake Maxinkuckee is an eight square kilometre lake that is located near the town of Culver.

What’s the biggest inland lake in Indiana?

Lake Wawasee
Lake Wawasee, formerly Turkey Lake, is a natural lake southeast of Syracuse in Kosciusko County, Indiana, United States. It is the largest natural lake wholly contained within Indiana. It is located just east of Indiana State Road 13….

Lake Wawasee
Max. depth 77 ft (23 m)
Residence time 3.5 years
Islands 2

What is the largest man made lake in Indiana?

Lake Monroe
Lake Monroe (also known as Monroe Reservoir) is the largest man made body of water in Indiana at 10,750 acres.

What’s the deepest lake in Indiana?

Tippecanoe Lake
Tippecanoe Lake is a large, glacially created lake in Leesburg, Kosciusko County, Indiana and, at 123 feet deep, is the deepest natural lake in the state….Tippecanoe Lake.

Lake Tippecanoe
Lake Tippecanoe Show map of Indiana Show map of the United States Show all
Location Leesburg, Kosciusko County, Indiana, US

What are the dirtiest lakes in Indiana?

— Some of the dirtiest water in Indiana may be in Kosciusko County. Law and Policy Center released its list of the most polluted rivers and lakes. The ELPC says manure from 77 large livestock operations has damaged lakes and streams, including Lake Wawasee, Lake Tippecanoe and Yellow Creek.

Where is the clearest water in Indiana?

These 9 Swimming Spots Have The Clearest, Most Pristine Water In Indiana

  • Patoka Lake. Patoka Lake/Facebook.
  • Lake James. Brian Wolfe/Flikcr.
  • Lake Monroe. nessie grace/flickr.
  • Lake Michigan. Tom Gill/Flickr.
  • Hidden Paradise Quarry. Jason Irwin/Youtube.
  • Morse Beach. Maggie M./Foursquare.
  • Deam Lake. Deam Lake/Facebook.
  • Barbee Lakes.

What’s the biggest man made lake in Indiana?

Lake Monroe (also known as Monroe Reservoir) is the largest man made body of water in Indiana at 10,750 acres. The watershed drainage area for Lake Monroe is 441 square miles and discharges into Salt Creek.

Is there a town under Brookville Lake in Indiana?

Fairfield, Franklin County, Indiana. Fairfield was a small village in northern Franklin County, Indiana, but it is a town that really no longer exists. In the 1960’s the Corps of Engineers built Brookville Lake. Fairfield was the only town in the Whitewater River Valley, so the town was inundated.

Does Indiana have the worst water?

A report released Wednesday by Environment America ranked Indiana as the state with the most toxic releases to waterways. The report compiled the data released by companies that release chemicals into waterways in every state.

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