How many Midnight Special DVDs are there?

How many Midnight Special DVDs are there?

There are 11 and 20 DVD Collector’s Editions you can pick up at Midnight Special DVDs. We got a hold of a six-disc set, with 21 episodes and bonus clips featuring spots from Hall & Oates, Todd Rundgren, America, Bees Gees, Eddie Money, Ted Nugent, AC/DC and the Kinks.

Who performed on the Midnight Special?

Johnny Rivers
Wolfman Jack served as the announcer and frequent guest host. The program’s theme song, a traditional folk song called “Midnight Special”, was performed by Johnny Rivers.

What bands played on the Midnight Special?

During its run some of the classic rock acts that appeared included AC/DC, Aerosmith, the Beach Boys, Blondie, David Bowie, Cheap Trick, Jim Croce, the Doobie Brothers, Electric Light Orchestra, Fleetwood Mac, Peter Frampton, Genesis, Billy Joel and Elton John.

Who had a very popular Sunday evening variety show that would have rock performances on his show?

HISTORY OF THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW The Ed Sullivan Show aired from 1948 until 1971 and changed the landscape of American television. Sullivan’s stage was home to iconic performances by groundbreaking artists from rock ‘n’ roll, comedy, novelty, pop music, politics, sports, opera and more.

What train was the Midnight Special?

According to folk music historian Alan Lomax as documented in the book Folk Song USA, the Midnight Special was a real train: the Southern Pacific Golden Gate Limited.

How long did the midnight special last?

The Midnight Special” was a Friday night “Pop Rock” variety show on NBC TV. It ran in the same weekly time slot of 12:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. EST for 9 years (1972-1981).

Who wrote the original song Midnight Special?

Paul Evans recorded the highest-charting version of “Midnight Special,” reaching number 16 in the winter of 1960….Other versions.

“Midnight Special”
Song by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Label Fantasy
Songwriter(s) Traditional
Producer(s) John Fogerty

When did the Midnight Special Air?

February 2, 1973
The Midnight Special/First episode date

When did the Midnight Special first air?

Who was Ed Sullivan’s first guest?

On September 9, 1956, Presley made his first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show (after earlier appearances on shows hosted by the Dorsey Brothers, Milton Berle, and Steve Allen), even though Sullivan had vowed never to allow Presley on the show.

Who originally wrote the Midnight Special?

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