How many dog tags are there in Metal Gear Solid 2?

How many dog tags are there in Metal Gear Solid 2?

In total there are 118 (NTSC) & 126 (PAL) dog tags to collect from the tanker level. In the Plant Level there are 243 (NTSC & PAL) dog tags to collect. So in total there are 361 Dog Tags to collect for the NTSC version and 369 Dog Tags to collect for the PAL version.

What does P mean on a dog tag?

Today’s identification tags identify vital information about the wearer: name, Social Security number, blood type and religious preference. During World War II there were only three religious categories that could be put on dog tags: P for Protestant, C for Catholic and H for Hebrew (Jewish).

How do you get dog tags on Twin Snakes?

You get these from guards when you hold them up, and some bosses have them too. To get them off guards, get near them and aim your gun at them (the SOCOM or the M9 work best). Then, Snake will shout “Freeze!” and the guard will put up their hands.

How do I get wigs mgs2?

Wigs[edit] It can only be used in the Plant Chapter on any difficulty. You need around 80 dog tags from the Plant to get it.

How do you get dog tags in Metal Gear Solid?

On the higher difficulty levels, some soldiers will not give up their dog tags so easily; to obtain them, the player must discharge their weapon or use a big gun like the RGB6 or Stinger in order to threaten them.

How many dog tags are in a tanker chapter?

There are 152 Dog Tags in the Tanker Chapter and 242 in the Plant Chapter, for a total of 394 Dog Tags among all difficulties. However, there’s a trick to how this achievement works. You don’t really have to collect ALL dog tags like the description says.

How do you get Stealth in Metal Gear Solid 2?

Stealth camo. (Invisibility): Get at least 110 dog tags in plant mission and beat the game. Unlock Bandana (Infinite Ammo for Tanker Chapter): Get a total of 50 dog tags in the Tanker Chapter and finish the chapter. After viewing your Clear Code you will obtain the Bandana.

What does t44 mean on dog tags?

second line. army serial number, tetanus immunization , tetanus toxoid, blood type. 37337566 T42 43 O. fifth line. religion.

How do you get the dog tags in Metal Gear Solid 2?

In Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, the player has the option to choose between two sets of dog tags to collect, when starting a new game: one that includes the name, blood type, and date of birth information as featured in the original Sons of Liberty (2001), or one that includes different names and personal information (2002).

What version of zerovirus do the dog tags come with?

Then it was updated by ZeroVirus (2011) to match the Dog Tags in Metal Gear HD Collection (US) version.

Is Metal Gear Solid a registered trademark?

Metal Gear Solid is a registered trademark of Konami. Sony Playstation 2 is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment. You may not use this guide on a website without author’s permission.

How do you get the dog tags in sons of Liberty?

This article is a list of collectible dog tags in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. These are bonus items in the game, which can be obtained by holding up enemy soldiers, and pointing an equipped gun to their head or groin.

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