How many divisions Pakistan Army have?

How many divisions Pakistan Army have?

There are nineteen Infantry divisions, one Special Security Division, two mechanised divisions, two armoured divisions, one division-sized formation called Force Command Northern Areas, one engineer division, two artillery divisions (believed to be in possession of ballistic missiles).

Which regiment is best in Pakistan Army?

The Punjab Regiment
The Punjab Regiment is the oldest, the largest and the most decorated Regiment of the Pakistan Army. The Regiment emerged in its present shape on 7 May 1956 by amalgamating the 1st, 14th 15th and 16th Punjab Regiment groups, each having six, four and five battalions respectively, all rich in traditions of their own.

How many regiments are there in Pakistan Army?

six infantry regiments
Pakistan has six infantry regiments, each one nominally raised from each Province of the country. Some have origins in the British colonial era while others were created post independence.

What is GOC in Pak army?

General Officer Commanding
With changes taking place in the Pakistan Army hierarchy after the retirement of a number of Lieutenant Generals, a new Inspector General Frontier Corps (IGFC) has been posted here and the General Officer Commanding (GOC), Peshawar, has been replaced.

Who is DG infantry?


What is infantry and artillery?

Also, they are used for combat in cities and other such location where it is very difficult to use large weapons or mass weaponry. Infantry employs more men under very low protection against the enemies. Cavalry: It generally means mounted soldiers. Artillery: It uses large and long ranged weapons.

Which brigade secured Jessore on 7th December?

Pakistan’s 107 Infantry Brigade, under the command of Brigadier Muhammad Hayat, was responsible for the defence of Jessore Sector.

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