How many countries are included in the 2014 HDI?

How many countries are included in the 2014 HDI?

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) compiles the Human Development Index (HDI) of 189 countries in the annual Human Development Report.

Which country is matched correctly with HDI 2014?

Norway tops the HDI ranking, followed by Australia, Switzerland and Denmark.

What is the HDI rank of India in the world as per Human Development Report 2014?

130 out of 188
“India’s HDI value for 2014 is 0.609, which puts the country in the medium human development category, positioning it at 130 out of 188 countries and territories.

What is the HDI of Pakistan?

Pakistan’s HDI value for 2019 is 0.557— which put the country in the medium human development category—positioning it at 154 out of 189 countries and territories.

Which report is published by UNDP?

The Human Development Report
The Human Development Report (HDR) is an annual Human Development Index report published by the Human Development Report Office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

What countries are in the UNDP?

List of UNDP country codes

Trigram Entity
AFG Afghanistan
ALB Albania
ALG Algeria
AMS American Samoa

Which of the Neighbouring countries had a better Human Development Index than India in 2014?

The correct answer is Sri Lanka.

What was China’s ranking in the world according to the HDI in 2014?

China is currently ranked 90th of 188 countries on the HDI.

Who scored better rank than India in HDI in 2013?

Russia secured the highest rank at 57, followed by Brazil at 79 and China at 91.

What is the HDI of Pakistan in 2021?

Pakistan’s HDI falls 2 notches to 154th position.

Which is the most developed state in Pakistan?

Administrative units by Human Development Index (international HDI)

Rank Region HDI (2019)
Medium human development
1 Islamabad 0.677
2 Azad Kashmir 0.612
3 Gilgit Baltistan 0.592

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