How many computers can I use my Pro Tools license on?

How many computers can I use my Pro Tools license on?

Once you register and activate Pro Tools | First, you can activate it on up to three computers/iLoks. You do not need to have an iLok but one of the activations can be transferred to an iLok. You can deactivate from a computer/iLok to allow activation of another computer/iLok.

Can you share Pro Tools license?

Pro Tools | First can be activated on up to three computers or iLok USB Keys. You can deactivate from a computer/iLok to allow activation of another computer/iLok. You will be able to access your Projects from your account using any of these three activations.

Can I transfer Pro Tools to a new computer?

Re: How do I transfer my current Pro Tools 12 to my new computer? Just install all of them on your new computer and install ilok license manager aswell and just connect your ilok key into the new Mac. No need to uninstall or deactivate as the plugins and PT you have are all ILOK licensed.

Can you have two iLok for Pro Tools?

You can have as many iloks as you like all on the same account? In fact you must have them all associated with the same account to be ale to use them best! PT10.

Can you use 2 iLoks at the same time?

If you’re asking whether you can activate the SAME license on BOTH iloks then the answer is no. It depends on the software! Some give you multiple instances of the license so you can activate it on multiple places, whether that be a cloud session, on hardware, or on multiple iloks.

Can you have multiple iLoks?

You can have licenses from many different software publishers on the same iLok, as well as multiple iLoks connected to a computer to help you manage your iLok licenses. The protected software checks for its presence before it will run on that system.

How do I install Pro Tools on a new computer?

Open your Downloads folder and run the installer:

  1. PC: Right-click the Pro Tools . zip file, select Extract all…, and then click Extract. Double-click the new Setup .exe file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Mac: Double-click the Pro Tools . dmg file. In the window that appears, double-click the Install Pro Tools .

How do I transfer Pro Tools from Mac to PC?

After your Pro Tools session has already been made, click on File menu > Save Session Copy In. Check the “All Audio Files” box in “Items to Copy” section. Select the box to “Enforce Mac/PC Compatibility”. A copy of your Pro Tools session will now be saved on your hard drive.

Can I have 2 iLoks?

Can you collaborate on Pro Tools?

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