How many bombs are needed to destroy a base in War Thunder?

How many bombs are needed to destroy a base in War Thunder?

Effective damage On maps where you can destroy airfields, 3 bombs will be enough for 1 base. On maps with respawning bases, 6 bombs will be enough for 1 base. Also good for killing tanks in tanks battle.

What is the most powerful bomb in war thunder?

FAB-5000 bomb
The Pe-8 can carry the FAB-5000 bomb, the largest bomb in-game, with over 5 tons of TNT equivalent, which proves extremely deadly in ground RB and naval battles.

How does overpressure work in war thunder?

Overpressure. In Update “Ixwa Strike”, the “overpressure” mechanic was introduced, replacing the hull-break mechanic. It simulates the extreme pressures formed by the shockwave of an HE-based shell explosion, and their effect on the crew inside the vehicle.

What bomber has the most bombs in war thunder?

81 bomber; however, this does not come close to the French. Showing up to dominate the early ground-pounding scene, the F. 222.2 is the biggest, heaviest, least manoeuvrable, and hardest hitting bomber early in the game, at a measly battle rating of 1.3.

How many kilograms of bombs do you need to destroy a base in War Thunder?

War Thunder I looked it up on google and found that in RB it is a constant 1,500kg, but I tested it out in rb for myself. I used 3 250kg bombs and took out more than half of the base’s hp.

Is the B-29 good in War Thunder?

Flight performance The B-29 is a heavy aircraft which when adding 10,000 – 20,000 lbs of ordnance will only make the plane that much more difficult to get to altitude, but once there this aircraft does have a decent cruising speed.

What is a Hullbreak?

The Hull Break mechanic refers to the structural failure of the tank when hit by large caliber shells. When a lightly armored vehicle is hit with an enormous force in areas (engine, transmission, breech) that are firmly fixed to the hull, the entire vehicle will deform and crumple or shatter.

What is blast pressure?

A blast wave is an area of pressure expanding supersonically outward from an explosive core. It has a leading shock front of compressed gases. The blast wave is followed by a blast wind of negative pressure, which sucks items back in towards the center.

How big is a 5000 kg bomb?

The device was the most powerful aerial bomb in the wartime Soviet inventory (until the FAB-9000 demolition bomb was developed during the Cold War as part of the M-46 series)….

Mass 5,000 kg (11,000 lb)
Length 3107 mm
Diameter 642 mm (25.3 in)

What plane can drop a nuke in War Thunder?

The Boeing B29 Superfortress is an American heavy bomber produced by Boeing with a stock load-out of 20 500 lb bombs and capable of doubling that amount to 40.

Does bomb damage correlate with TNT damage?

As you can see, bomb damage correlates with TNT-equivalent, but not exactly 1:1. 1. BR brackets / dependecies of mini base health: Once concept I learned and crosschecked from the links above is that the hitpoints per minibase depend on the BR of your battle (NOT YOUR PLANE!):

What is the damage value of a 3 nation bomb?

D E F G H I J K L M 1 Created by: IGN: Nyito. Reddit: /u/Nyito. Updated: Dec 23 2018 Tabs at bottom for rockets & torpedoes 2 Tiering determined by top BR in the match, not plane BR. 3 Nation Bomb Name Bomb Mass Filler (kg TNT) Damage Value BR 1.0-2.0 (.75 HP) BR 2.3-3.3 (1.0 HP) BR 3.7-4.7 (1.25 HP) BR 5.0+ (1.5 HP) Armor Kill Radius

Why can’t I open war Thunder Ordnance chart-Google Sheets?

War Thunder Ordnance Chart – Google Sheets JavaScript isn’t enabled in your browser, so this file can’t be opened. Enable and reload. War Thunder Ordnance Chart Share Sign in The version of the browser you are using is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported browser.

How many bombs does it take to destroy a tank?

A single bomb will take out most lightly armored targets including medium tanks. However against destroyers and heavy tanks, a double dose is necesarry. 500kg-1000lb bombs= Should I even say what you can’t destroy?

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