How many 84 SVO Mustangs were made?

How many 84 SVO Mustangs were made?

The Mustang SVO is a limited-production version of the third generation Ford Mustang sold from 1984 to 1986, during which time 9,835 examples were built.

What does SVO mean on a Mustang?

Special Vehicle Operations
The initials “SVO” on the rear deck stand for Special Vehicle Operations, Ford’s racing division. This is their first baby, and it’s a Mustang with a mission.

Did Ford ever make 4 cylinder Mustang?

This also reintroduced the 4-cylinder engine to the Mustang lineup, which were standard in cars produced from 1974 to 1993, as well as in the “SVO” turbocharged models from 1984 to 1986.

Was the Mustang SVO fast?

Unlike most performance editions, the SVO featured a four-cylinder engine rather than a V8. Despite having fewer cylinders, this Mustang was plenty fast.

Are Mustang SVO fast?

With less than half the displacement of the 5.0L GT Mustang, the SVO was able to create equal horsepower. The SVO ended up feeling much faster though. As a result, the SVO had a better 0-60 MPH time than the GT. While the GT could make it to 60 in just under nine seconds, the SVO could do it in 7.7 seconds.

What is a 1984 Mustang SVO worth?

The so-called average-condition SVO is selling for somewhere in the neighborhood of $6,000, while an excellent example will cost you just north of $8,000. Poking around on, we found four nice candidates: The lowest price was $6,250, while the most expensive of the bunch was $11,000.

How much HP can a 8.8 Ford rear end handle?

Dead stock (31 spline version, which is what the Explorer has) it can handle up to about 400 rwhp as long as you’re not on DR’s or Slicks. As soon as you go to those, you have to weld the tubes at a minimum.

How much horsepower will 31 spline axles hold?

Pro Race 31- & 33-Spline Axles (up to 600 hp1) Recommended for drag-race-only use.

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