How long does it take for USCIS to approve I-539?

How long does it take for USCIS to approve I-539?

I-539 petitions sent to the California Service Center take 1 – 5 months to process, while petitions sent to the Nebraska Service Center take 6 – 8 months. Petitions handled by the National Benefits Center have the best processing times with a turnaround time of as little as one week.

Can I travel while my I-539 is in process?

If you are traveling inside the US, that is fine. You can legally stay in the US while your I-539 is pending, even if your status is expired, so you can keep your I-539 receipt while traveling in case you run into an interior immigration checkpoint.

What happens after I-539 is approved?

Until the Form I-539 is approved, the person is not officially in student status and cannot start classes. This also applies for people transitioning from F-2 status to F-1 status. The process generally takes 3–6 months, which can be considerably longer than traveling outside the United States and getting a new visa.

Can h1b file I-539?

From inside the U.S.: Form I-539 must be filed with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to request a change of status within the U.S. to H-4 status, or an extension of stay within the U.S of H-4 status. Form I-539 is typically included with the H-1B petition that OIS sends to USCIS.

What happens if my I-539 is denied?

If your I-539 application is denied, depending on the specific situation, you can choose to reapply, or file a motion to reopen or reconsider, or depart the U.S. If you leave the U.S. promptly, usually this denial will not affect your reentry to the U.S. later if you have valid visa.

What happens if I leave the US while my I-539 is pending?

If you travel abroad while a change of status application (I-539) is pending, USCIS considers the application abandoned and will reject it. You will need to go to a U.S. embassy or consulate to apply for a new visa to re-enter.

Is USCIS online filing faster?

Speed. One of the most compelling reasons that applicants use USCIS online filing is speed. When you fill in the answers and click submit, USCIS has your application or petition. It’s same-day filing.

What is a good reason to extend B2 visitor visa?

Typical reasons for extending B2 visa status includes continuation of tourism activities, social meetings with friends and relatives, and participating in social organizations and functions. In some cases it is prudent to change status from another nonimmigrant visa category to B1 or B2 status.

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