How long do ARB lockers last?

How long do ARB lockers last?

The O-ring seals ARB builds into Air Locker differentials actually have a lower wear coefficient than the metal surfaces they run against, and we have seen Air Locker O-rings last in excess of 500,000km and still perform flawlessly.

What comes with an ARB locker?

When you buy the ARB Air Locker system, i.e the ARB differential and ARB pump, the package comes with all the parts you need for installation including pneumatic fittings, wiring components and switches among others. The ARB Air Locker engages in a minute and can be fully engaged at any vehicle speed.

How much does it cost to install ARB Air Locker?

Price can vary anywhere between $1500-2000 to get a arb rear locker installed.

Are ARB air lockers good?

After years of testing, we have found that ARB Air Lockers are strong and can take a beating. Yes, ARBs are more complicated in design than other lockers, which has lead to some people fearing the Air Locker.

How fast can you go with air lockers?

An ARB Air Locker can be engaged at any speed as long as both wheels are spinning at the same rate. If one wheel is spinning faster than the other, what is called “crash locking” will occur and can cause damage to the internal gears.

What differential oil is required for ARB air lockers?

API GL-5 140 weight mineral, synthetic or semi- synthetic EP gear oil.

Can ARB lockers be engaged while moving?

General ARB Air Locker Use ARB Air Locker differentials can be engaged and disengaged at the flip of a switch. When you need the extra traction, simply turn on your compressor, approach the difficult terrain, take your foot off of the accelerator and press the Air Locker switch – even if you are still moving.

Do ARB lockers come with bearings?

When fitting an ARB Air Locker, a replacement bearing and shim pack supplied with the kit is used on the right hand side, but the original bearing and standard shims are used on the left hand (crown wheel) side.

Do lockers help in mud?

Lockers will definitely help in mud. However, front being locked will make it hard to steer left and right and sometimes you have to saw the wheel to get unstuck. So, use as necessary. In my years of experience, the #1 piece of equipment you need to plow through mud is a big fat set of mud tires.

Do you need an air compressor for air lockers?

Do I require individual compressors for each ARB Air Locker installed in my vehicle? No, each of our air compressors has provisions to activate 2 (two) Air Lockers i.e., front and rear.

How do you disengage an ARB air locker?

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