How is Michael described in The Prisoner of Zenda?

How is Michael described in The Prisoner of Zenda?

A duke and the younger half-brother of the king, Michael is the mastermind behind the plot to overthrow the king. He wants the throne for himself and takes steps to ensure his brother is out of the picture by kidnapping him and locking him away in the distant town of Zenda.

Who are the Six in The Prisoner of Zenda and what part they play?

“The Six” are six noblemen loyal to Michael, the half brother of the King who is plotting to take the throne for himself. The Six consist of three Ruritanians and three foreigners, and are powerful adversaries. Rudolph swears an oath that he will kill all of them.

What is the setting time and place of the Prisoner of Zenda?

The Prisoner of Zenda is set in the fictitious country of Ruritania. The kingdom is located in Central Europe, somewhere between Dresden and Prague,…

What is the main theme of The Prisoner of Zenda?

The Prisoner of Zenda is a thrilling tale of espionage, action, and rescue set in the fictional country of Ruritania. Hawkins uses a variety of themes to weave a gripping story of deception and power and create a narrative that has become an archetype for the years to come.

What are the traits of Rudolf Rassendyll?

He is educated and is very intelligent. Rassendyll is a born soldier. He is a skillful swordsman, a very good shooter and an expert rider. He fights bravely against the six hirelings of the Black Michael.

Do you think black Michael knew that Rassendyll was an understudy give reasons?

Answer: Yes Black Michael new that Rassendyll was an undrstuday because he had put the king in the prison and he had made him unconcious also. If the king had escaped also he would not be so active because the king Rudolf had some health issues also.

What kind of novel Prisoner of Zenda is?

Ruritanian romanceAdventure fiction
The Prisoner of Zenda/Genres

What is Zenda?

The name Zenda is primarily a female name of Persian origin that means Soul, Life.

What kind of novel is Prisoner of Zenda?

Where is Rudolf Rassendyll from?

Ruritania is located somewhere east of Dresden. The Prisoner of Zenda explains that the Rassendyll family, though Engish nobility, are descended from a former king of Ruritania.

What kind of character Rassendyll was according to you based on your reading of the text the adventures of understudy?

On one hand Rassendyll comes across an adventurous, risk-loving person and on the other he shows bravery in the face of adversities.

How good was Rassendyll as an understudy?

He was a good understudy as he was stopping Black Michael (Duke of Strelsau) from seizing the throne of Ruritania which was being given to King Rudolf who had been kidnapped. Explanation: Rassendyll was able to do that as he was King Rudolf’s look alike.

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