How is chainline measured?

How is chainline measured?

Chainline is measured from the centerline of the frame to the center of the chain. Simply hold the ruler against the seat tube or down tube and measure the distance from the middle of the seat tube to the middle of the chainring teeth. In the case of triple chainwheel sets, measure to the middle chainring.

What does 50mm chainline mean?

this is all referring to the below diagram. as you can see, the front ring is 50mm from the middle of the bike (aka, a 50mm chainline). a standard rear end is 135mm between the droputs, meaning that each drop out is 135/2 = 67.5mm from the center of the bicycle.

What should my chainline be?

The bike center line is an imaginary plane running front to rear through the middle of the bike. For example, a front crankset and/or front derailleur might be designed to have a chainline of 47.5mm. This means it will work best when the middle of the crankset is 47.5mm from the middle to the bike center line.

What is 52mm chainline?

What is chainline? Chainline is the distance between the centerline of your frame and the average centerline of your chainring(s). Unfortunately, if you were to remove these rings and install a standard narrow-wide ring the resulting 1X chainline would be about 52mm.

How much clearance do you need between chainring and chainstay?

Again, if you just want to be safe, buy a boost spaced chainring. We don’t like to go less than 3mm clearance between chainstay and chainring, and you can contact the bike frame manufacture to see what their frames allow for chainring clearance and chainline.

What is chainline MTB?

Chainline is the distance between the centerline of your frame and the average centerline of your chainring(s). Bicycle chainline is one of the most overlooked aspects of drivetrain setup for 1X systems. This is understandable since before 2009 mountain cranksets were a pretty standardized piece of equipment.

Why is chainline important?

The chainline is very important for several reasons: more efficient transmission; the less you bend the chain, the smaller the power loss; better function and less chance of the chain falling off the rings; less wear due to less friction; better function of the front derailleur; and quieter operation.

Do you need boost spacing for 12 speed?

If you are running 12 speed, the clearances are so small between chain and cassette that you MUST run a boost spaced chainring with a boost spaced bike. Most plus sized tire bikes do need a 3mm outward chainring shift to maintain the “standard” 6mm distance between tire and chain.

What BCD is Shimano GRX?

110 BCD
110 BCD Asymmetric 4-Bolt for Shimano GRX Cranks.

What is a chain stay?

What is chainstay length? The distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the rear wheel axle. This measurement is taken from the side view of the bike, ignoring the z-axis such that the width of the axle or bottom bracket does not come into play.

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