How does the phantom disappear at the end?

How does the phantom disappear at the end?

In the last does he disappear into the throne? The back is actually a piece of cloth. When the Phantom throws his cloak over himself, he attaches the top of his cloak to a wire which keeps the shape of his head. The back is released and he can moves into the false back of the chair.

Who was the best Phantom of the Opera?

Michael Crawford

Why did Erik choose to let Christine go?

Erik did not love Christine either. He lusted for her, which is why he let her go. He let HER go because he knew that he could never love her like Raoul could, that he could only subject her to his lust and she would never be happy.

What is Christine’s nickname for the Phantom?

Christine Daaé
Name: Christine Daaé
Nicknames: Chrissie, fallen angel, songbird
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Is Meg in love with the Phantom?

Meg made personal sacrifices to win the Phantom’s approval and will do anything for him in the hope that he would take her under his wing as he did with Christine Daae….Meg Giry (Love Never Dies)

Meg Giry
Status Living
Relationships Madame Giry (Mother)
Appeared in Love Never Dies
Portrayed by Unknown

Is Meg the Phantom’s daughter?

Meg Giry is one of the fictional characters from Gaston Leroux’s novel The Phantom of the Opera. In the story she is Madame Giry’s only daughter. She is also, in the novel, portrayed as a child of around fifteen years old and adores having her own way and attention. …

What does the rose symbolize in The Phantom of the Opera?

One of the many symbols in this movie is a single rose with a black ribbon tied around the stem. A rose in this movie can be a representation of many things; it symbolizes love, romanticism, true beauty, and even pain. The single rose represents the love he has for her, but the ribbon represents his darkness.

Why is Phantom of the Opera important?

One of the most popular touring musicals ever to play TPAC, The Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running show in Broadway history and the second longest-running production on London’s West End.

What does the Phantom represent?

The Phantom, on the other hand, is not familiar. He is dark, ugly, and dangerous and therefore represents the forbidden love. However, Christine is drawn to him because she sees him as her Angel of Music, and she pities his existence of loneliness and darkness.

Did the Phantom of the Opera kill anyone?

Eric (the Phantom’s real name in the book) did kill at least 2 people: Joseph Bouquet, the flymaster, and the concierge hired to replace Madame Giry. (She was the only victim of the classic chandelier crash.) Any other murder is referred to “offstage” as it were.

Who is the real Phantom?

Erik (The Phantom of the Opera)

The Phantom of the Opera character
Lon Chaney Sr. as Erik, The Phantom, in Universal’s 1925 silent film version of The Phantom of the Opera
First appearance The Phantom of the Opera (1909)
Created by Gaston Leroux

What mental illness does The Phantom of the Opera have?

Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder

What happens to Erik in Phantom of the Opera?

Erik dies three weeks later, but not before he goes to visit the Persian and tells him everything, and promises to send him Erik’s dearest possessions: the papers that Christine wrote about everything that had happened with her “Angel of Music” and some things that had belonged to her.

Who is the best Christine Daae?

Top 11 Best Actress Interpretations of Christine Daae

  • Rachel Barrell.
  • Sarah Brightman.
  • Katie Hall.
  • Gina Beck.
  • Emmy Rossum.
  • Sierra Boggess.
  • Gina Beck.
  • Celia Graham.

Is Phantom of the Opera a true story?

The story of Erik and Christine Daaé is fictitious. However, Mental Floss reports parts of The Phantom of the Opera are based on historical events. For example, one of the more famous scenes in Lloyd Webber’s version of the story is the sequence where the chandelier falls.

Why does Raoul cry in Phantom of the Opera?

The Phantom sings his reprise of “All I Ask of You” after he sees Christine and Raoul singing together and Christine falling in love with Raoul. The Phantom is actually crying in this scene because his muse has fallen in love with someone else. From Quiz: “Phantom of the Opera” Phans. Question by author PhanGirl.

Who does Christine Daae love?

Christine Daae

Love Interest
Power/Skills Singing
Hobby Singing, praying for her father, learning with her “Angel of Music”
Family Erik (lover), Raoul (lover, later husband), Gustave (son)
Goal Be a great opera singer, choose between Erik and Raoul

Why did Christine Daae die?

Unfortunately, in the climax Christine is accidentally shot as the Phantom tries to calm a crazed Meg Giry (who you may remember as Christine’s opera friend), jealous of the affection the Phantom bestows upon Christine. Christine dies in the Phantom’s arms after declaring her love for him will never die.

Why does Madame Giry tell Raoul to keep his hand at the level of his eye?

They both tell Raoul to hold his hand “at the level of his eyes”, to protect from attack with punjab lasso. Madame Giry is not amongst the crowd who enter the Phantom’s Lair at the end of the musical, although her daughter Meg Giry is.

Why is the Phantom deformed?

In the 1943 movie version, and in various other versions, the Phantom got the disfigurement by having acid thrown onto his face. His deformed face was a result of the Devil making the Phantom’s music the only reason he’s loved at all.

What is the significance of box 5 in Phantom of the Opera?

If the opera house was the Phantom’s domain since childhood, and he was the ultimate ruler of it, Box 5 may be a symbol of his throne of authority and dominion. From his seat in Box 5, he could see the stage, Christine, and the domain he had power and control over.

Why did Christine Daae kiss the Phantom?

It is because she chooses to marry the Phantom in order to save Raoul. The Phantom then lets her and Raoul leave together because he loves Christine so much, and she has shown him love when no other person in his life ever did.

What is the moral of Phantom of the Opera?

One of the main moral teachings of the story is that love between two people cannot be forced. It also highlights the need for every human to be loved. These two concepts meet in the form of Erik (the Phantom), who has a fierce, one-sided and possessive love for Christine.

Why does the Phantom’s hair turn blonde?

In the Phantom of the Opera. During Don Juan she rips his mask off and then it literally changes color from black to blonde. When Christine pulls off the mask it snags the wig and it too got pulled up. …

How much older is the Phantom than Christine?

In the same regard, due to the Phantom’s childhood connection with Madame Giry, it’s also safe to say that the Phantom is at least 15-20 years older than Christine. So to recap, a 30-40-year-old man has been preying upon a 15-20-year-old girl, kidnaps her and reveals a twisted scenario of secretly marrying her.

Does Christine Daae sleep with the Phantom?

Christine spent the entire plot of Love Never Dies, and presumably the ten years before it, suffering in a loveless marriage, paying the price for having sex with the Phantom. One night with the man she supposedly loved resulted in her forced into a marriage to save face socially and explain her pregnancy.

Why does Erik love Christine?

Erik is a disfigured opera impresario of an undetermined age, but quite likely old enough to be Christine’s father. He is mentally unstable due to years of social mistreatment and isolation because of his facial birth defects. Erik loves Christine to the point of obsession. He has literally killed for her.

Why does the phantom wear a mask?

The physical mask is Phantom’s attempt to make his appearance more attractive and hide his facial defects, which brought him so many rejections. By wearing a mask, he can try to be like everyone else. He wanted to know what was behind the mask. He felt the need to look underneath, to reveal a hidden face.

Is the Phantom Christine’s father?

The angel of music is Phantom, and with this memory we hear his voice, critical of Raoul, seducing Christine with his song. There couldn’t be a clearer link between Phantom and Christine’s father. Her father, with his violin, was a man of music too. Phantom, then, is her dead angel father – her angel of music.

Why does Christine have a baby with the Phantom?

Because Andrew Lloyd Webber decided he wanted to adapt a schlock piece of pulp “sequel” called Phantom of Manhattan, in which the main plot point revolves around Christine having had to have had the Phantom’s baby because Raoul was shot in the groin in such a way that he could still feel desire, but not have children.

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