How does the mysterious NEGG cave work?

How does the mysterious NEGG cave work?

Mysterious Negg Cave The solution is fairly simple. The 9 empty squares in the negg need to be filled by a coloured symbol. By the time your puzzle is completed, you will have each symbol on the board three times, one of each colour.

How do you wake up Turmaculus?

How to Wake Up the Turmaculus

  1. Hit him with Stick.
  2. Ring a Bell.
  3. Kick Him.
  4. Sing to Him.
  5. Tap Dance for Him.
  6. Blow Your Nose.
  7. Sneeze.
  8. Dump Cold Water on Him.

What can Neggs do Neopets?

Neggs are food items that you may feed to your Neopet. Most are just food, but there are also a number of Neggs in Neopia that have special effects on your Neopet when fed. These effects can range from adding stats to your pet to giving you items or abilities.

What is the Neopets mysterious negg cave?

The Neopets Mysterious Negg Cave provides you with a daily challenge. Each Neopets Mysterious Negg Cave is different, ranging from easy to hard challenges each day. To access: Neopets Mysterious Negg Cave

Where is the mysterious negg cave in shenkuu?

High in the mountains of Shenkuu you can find the Mysterious Negg Cave, a location discovered during the course of the Year 14 Festival of Neggs. Inside the cave lies a simple grid-based puzzle in the form of a clockwork Negg, which you can attempt to solve once per day to collect the prize inside.

Is there a solution for every puzzle I get from mysterious negg?

Though there is no way to compile the solution for every puzzle you may get from the Mysterious Negg daily, we have compiled some solutions to show different examples of how the clues can be used to solve your final puzzle. Using the method in the guide, these are completed puzzles done only with the clues given and the process of elimination.

What can you win from the negg cave?

The prizes that can be won from the Negg Cave are random, including the avatar. Read below to see what you could win: Successfully completing the puzzle can award you the Neggbreaker as a BattleDome challenger! This is completely random, so just keep at it and you’ll get the Neggbreaker eventually.

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