How does Janie define freedom in her new life?

How does Janie define freedom in her new life?

Janie defines her desire for freedom by asserting control of her own body. She begins uncover all of the life that had been resting silently below the surface.

Why does Pheoby say the ladies are mad at Janie?

Why does Phoeby say the people are mad at Janie? Because they do not know what actually happened.

What specific things does Janie learn do not compromise love?

What specific things does Janie learn that do not compromise love? Janie defines love because ‘love’ like Janie are often misunderstood therefore judged. Also Janie goes from finding love from others to finding love for yourself to give it to others. She finds a love for herself which gained her independence.

How is Janie Independent in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Through her relationship with Tea Cake, Janie experiences true fulfillment and enlightenment and becomes secure in her independence. She feels a deep connection to the world around her and even feels that the spirit of Tea Cake is with her. Thus, even though she is alone, she doesn’t feel alone.

Is Janie selfish?

Is Janie selfish? No, Janie is not selfish. She is not happy with her relationship and that is ok. She does not feel love in her relationship anymore.

What was Janie’s idea of love before marriage?

What was Janie’s idea of love before she was married? Her grandmother made her marry him. Nanny was concerned that Janie be taken care of before she (Nanny) died.

Is Their Eyes Were Watching God a love story?

In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston creates a love story that does not care what society has to say about it, so long as it is known that Janie Crawford loved deeply by the light of Tea Cake’s joy and the melody of frivolity’s song, and that her loving did not finish when his life did.

What does Janie learn about Joe Starks?

But, Janie learns that Joe’s fashion sense is an outward manifestation of Joe’s pride and confidence: he dresses better than those he considers his inferiors. His flamboyant peacocking also reveals his vanity. In fact, Joe’s entire lifestyle revolves around his high esteem of his self and his manliness.

What did Janie sacrifice?

With Logan, Janie sacrifices her dreams of a loving, passionate marriage in order to please her grandma. Later on, Janie sacrifices her beautiful hair and her agency in order to please her jealous, sexist, and oppressive husband.

Why Their Eyes Were Watching God is important?

Because it is the story of a woman and because it was the first major novel published by a black woman, Their Eyes Were Watching God is often classified as a feminist novel. As the novel unfolds, Janie acts according to this notion, battling and struggling in the direction of her dreams.

What does Janie mean when she says love is Lak de sea?

What does Janie mean when she says “Love is lak de sea. Janie urges her friend to tell them love is not a single constant thing, but it is like the sea, shaped by the shores it meets. You just studied 6 terms!

What new lessons does Janie discover?

In her journey through life, Janie has learned two important lessons: People must “go tuh God,” and they must “find out about livin’ fuh theyselves.” Finally, Janie realizes that as long as she lives, the memory of Tea Cake will live within her heart.

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