How does FloLogic work?

How does FloLogic work?

The FloLogic System monitors all flow 24/7—beginning as low as a half-ounce per minute (or about a drip-per-second). Normal water use happens in intervals. Once flow begins, FloLogic measures the time duration. If the flow time exceeds the allowance, a leak is suspected and the water is shut off automatically.

How do I disable FloLogic?

If you wish to manually turn off the water to the building protected by FloLogic, you can accomplish this by pressing both the NEXT/BYPASS key and the DISABLE key at the Control Panel. When the Valve is closed by this keystroke command, the display will read “WATER. OFF”.

How much does leak defense system cost?

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How do you reset flow in logic?

After replacing the battery, and to attempt to clear other System alerts, press and hold the Down arrow key on the Control Panel until the beeping stops to reboot the valve. For a full list of System alerts and recommended actions, see the User Manual. For additional questions call FloLogic at 877-356-5644.

How do you stop a leaking defense system?

The Leak Defense System can be reset at any time during this warning period by simply stopping all water flow for approximately 1 minute. The system will then automatically reset and restore the flow to the normal level.

What is leak protection system?

Leak detection systems can be installed inline on any home’s plumbing. Leak detection systems meticulously monitor the flow of water as it passes through the pipes, and will shut off the water to your home upon noticing any irregularity.

How much does a leak detector cost?

Leak Detection Cost The average cost of detecting a slab leak, for instance, varies from around $150 to $400. Your plumber may put this cost toward the overall cost of the repairs, which can be high.

How can you tell where a leak is coming from?

Stay Alert to Leaking Clues

  1. Wall discoloration. This could indicate water leaking from behind the drywall and soaking through to the front side.
  2. Bubbling paint or bulging wallpaper. Both are signs that the wallboard is wet and the paint or wallpaper is no longer adhering tightly.
  3. A dripping sound.
  4. A musty smell.

What is the flologic system?

Welcome to a premium plumbing leak detection and automatic shutoff solution for those who don’t compromise. The FloLogic System identifies leaks when they start, as small as 1/2-ounce-per-minute, stopping them automatically to protect property and alerting you through the app.

What is flologic Leak Control?

Meet FloLogic®, the premium plumbing leak control system that guards against water damage and water waste. No other flow-based system continuously catches and stops leaks of virtually all sizes as reliably as FloLogic. This includes pinhole leaks located anywhere in the plumbing supply.

Where is flologic installed?

FloLogic is installed in the pipe where water enters the property. FloLogic’s EverWatch™ technology constantly monitors every facet of the plumbing supply to catch virtually all leaks, from small pinhole-size to high flow leaks.

Why choose flologic plumbing?

The FloLogic System detects plumbing supply leaks of virtually any size, in all locations. Only FloLogic constantly identifies and automatically stops these leaks, eliminating waste and preventing the risk of catastrophic property damage. FloLogic provides absolute peace of mind.

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