How do you use think-cell in PowerPoint?

How do you use think-cell in PowerPoint?

Click on Insert → think-cell → Charts → Stacked. After PowerPoint opens, open a file and try to click onto a slide to place the chart.

How do you insert a think-cell chart in PowerPoint?

Go to the think-cell group and click the Elements button. Then, select the required chart type. Once you have chosen a chart type, a rectangle will appear with the mouse pointer, indicating where the chart will be inserted on the slide.

What is better than Thinkcell?

Vizzlo is a chart maker that works online and offline, for PowerPoint, Google Slides and third party integrations.

Is think-cell free?

think-cell Pricing Overview think-cell pricing starts at $247.50 per user, per year. They do not have a free version.

What can you do with think-cell chart to data feature?

With think-cell you can extract numerical data and category labels from any column and bar chart image. It not only recognizes simple column and bar charts, but also stacked ones. You can start the extraction process either from think-cell’s internal datasheet or directly from Excel.

How do you switch columns and rows in think-cell?

Transpose Link button in the think-cell context menu of the data range. Transposing a data range swaps the chart’s row and column data interpretation, letting you, for example, create column charts from rows rather than columns of data. Select the green boundary around the data range.

Is think-cell worth it?

Overall: Overall, our experience with think-cell has been excellent. Secondly, graphical presentation of data in PowerPoint is given a professional touch with think-cell. Cons: The software allows the creation of a good selection of charting options, e.g. bar charts, Gantt charts, pie charts, scatter charts, etc.

Does think-cell work with Google Slides?

Discover the think-cell® alternative that works not only for PowerPoint but also for Google Slides.

How do I re-enable think-cell in PowerPoint?

With think-cell deactivated, charts are presented as regular PowerPoint shapes. To re-enable think-cell, click the Activate think-cell button in the think-cell ribbon group in PowerPoint. There is no need to close the PowerPoint application in order to switch between think-cell and plain PowerPoint.

How do I use the think-cell toolbar in PowerPoint?

After installing think-cell you will find the following group in the Insert tab of the ribbon in PowerPoint: In the following, we will refer to the ribbon group by the term think-cell toolbar . Using the think-cell toolbar you can call most of think-cell’s functions.

Can I use PowerPoint without think-cell?

In any case, you can always click the Cancel button and continue using PowerPoint without think-cell. To enter the license key later, click the Activate think-cell button in the think-cell ribbon group.

How do I create a think-cell chart in PowerPoint?

Using think-cell, you simply drag a transparent window over any image of a column chart on your screen, hit the import button and let our software do the rest. It will not only correctly extract the data, but also the category labels and put them into your Excel sheet. From there, a think-cell chart in PowerPoint is only one click away.

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