How do you use accommodating in a sentence?

How do you use accommodating in a sentence?

Accommodating in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The accommodating hostess made sure everyone had enough to eat at the party.
  2. As an innkeeper, one should be very accommodating and strive to make sure all guests are comfortable.
  3. My teacher is very accommodating and is going to send me work to do while I’m in the hospital.

What does being accommodating mean?

Definition of accommodating : willing to please : helpful, obliging a generous and accommodating host. Other Words from accommodating Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About accommodating.

How do you describe a person who is accommodating?

used to describe a person who is eager or willing to help other people, for example by changing his or her plans: I’m sure she’ll help you – she’s always very accommodating.

How do you use my in a sentence?

[M] [T] I give you my word. [M] [T] I made my decision. [M] [T] Leave my car alone. [M] [T] My car won’t start.

Is it accommodative or accommodating?

As adjectives the difference between accommodating and accommodative. is that accommodating is affording, or disposed to afford, accommodation; obliging; helpful; as an accommodating man, spirit, arrangement while accommodative is supplying with or obliging; accommodating.

Is it accommodate or accommodate?

Explanation: Accommodate has double c’s and double m’s. suggests you remember it this way: Accommodate is large enough to accommodate both two c’s and two m’s.

How do you say thank you for being accommodating?

Better Ways to Say, “Thank You for Understanding”

  1. Thanks for your comprehension.
  2. I appreciate your flexibility.
  3. I appreciate you sticking with me.
  4. Thanks for listening.
  5. Thanks for your compassion.
  6. I’m thankful for your support and understanding.
  7. I appreciate your dedication to digging into this issue.

What does thank you for accommodating me mean?

If someone has been very kind in adjusting their schedule and making sacrifices to help you, in English you might say, “Thanks for being so accommodating!”

What is another word for accommodative?

Words popularity by usage frequency

ranking word
#26152 concerted
#26905 accommodating
#39210 reconciling
#73626 conjunctive

What does happy to accommodate mean?

Accommodate means to adjust to something or someone else’s needs.

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