How do you use a Speed Square for beginners?

How do you use a Speed Square for beginners?

The most obvious use of the Speed Square is to use it at the right angle. The 90-degree angle is easy to use without needing a protractor. You can trace around it, use it to confirm cuts, and even check your assembly for perfect corners quickly. The most important use – check your saws to make sure the blade is square.

What is the diamond for on a Swanson Speed Square?

The Swanson Speed Square has a diamond cutout along the ruler that allows you to square lines and make sure they’re perfect. That diamond cutout can be used to make a notch, or a birdsmouth, for rafter work.

What is a hip Val on a Speed Square?

Hip/Val indicates the rise in inches over a 17 inch run for hip or valley rafters from 1 inch to 30 inch.

What are scribe notches?

Scribe-Guide™ precision scribe notches allow for fast, accurate marking on the jobsite. + High-visibility laser etched markings allow for accurate, easy-to-read measurements every time. + A 15% wider heel allows the square to maintain a secure hold on lumber and other jobsite materials.

What are Jack rafters?

Definition of jack rafter : a short rafter: a : one of the shorter rafters used in a hip or valley roof. b : a secondary roof timber (as a common rafter resting on purlins) also : one of the pieces simulating extended rafters under the eaves in some styles of building.

What is the best speed square?

BEST OVERALL: Swanson Tool S0101 7-inch Speed Square It makes sense that the company that created the speed square almost 100 years ago would still be number one with their renowned 7-inch speed square, relied upon for on-the-job durability.

How to use a speed square PDF?

This by far is the most common use for the speed square. You place the lip edge over the edge of the material and push tightly against the wood material. Then you mark on the right-hand side of the speed square and draw a 90-degree angle or down the angled side for a 45-degree angle.

How to read a speed square?

Identify the Main Features of a Speed Square. As you look at your speed square you will notice that there are many different scales; common,degrees,hip/val

  • Using the Degree Scale. First let’s review that we know which scale is the degree scale.
  • Using the Common Scale. Using the common scale is the same as the degree scale.
  • The Rest of the Speed Square. You surely have noticed that there are many other scales and markings on the speed square.
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