How do you unlock all the Sub-Zero costumes in Mortal Kombat X?

How do you unlock all the Sub-Zero costumes in Mortal Kombat X?


  1. Costume 1 – Klassic Sub-Zero.
  2. Method – Unlocked with the 1.02 Game Patch.
  3. Costume 2 – Kuai Liang Sub Zero.
  4. Method – Krypt – Lost Mausoleum (3, 3) Beat the Klassic Tower with Sub-Zero.
  5. Costume 3 – Revenant Sub Zero.
  6. Method – Complete a Test Your Might Tower.
  7. Costume – Tundra Sub Zero.
  8. Method – Unreleased DLC.

What is Sub-Zero’s outfit called?

Deadly Alliance
In Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Sub-Zero reverts to his masked costume from Deadly Alliance, retaining the scar, which is not part of his alternate costume (which is the primary one from Deception). Since Deadly Alliance, Sub-Zero is the only character who has shown considerable signs of aging.

How do you get tournament skins in Mortal Kombat X?

Tournament Jax: Unlocked by beating Klassic Tower with Jax, OR found in the Krypt, in the Cemetery Grounds area (-19, 8). Revenant Jax: Unlocked by gettin 15 flawless victories in Kustom Kombat (possibly with a 1% health modifier). Farmer Jax: Unlocked using the Mortal Kombat X mobile app.

What is Scorpion costume?

yellow ninja attire
The classic yellow ninja attire, the original look for Scorpion is one of the most iconic in all of video games. A game full of palette swap ninjas Scorpion very quickly became a fan favorite with his style and demon-like features.

Why do Sub-Zero and Scorpion dress the same?

Scorpion and Sub-Zero are not brothers, according to Ed Boon who created the Mortal Kombat games, the game developers ran out of memory to include more characters, so in order to stretch the memory out they simply just took Scorpion’s yellow ninja character design and made him a different color to create Sub-Zero.

Is scorpion a Revenant?

Currently, only four characters are non-traditional revenants. These characters are Scorpion, Noob Saibot, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Scorpion and Noob Saibot are the only known Wraiths/Spectres created by Quan Chi, while the rest of the characters are Revenants.

How do you get the Cassie cage in the revenant?

The seventh challenge is a Season of Death that gives players the chance to unlock new revenant skins for familiar fighters! Completing ranking challenges will unlock Season of Death skins for Cassie Cage, Jax, Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage.

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