How do you tell the difference between a 153 and 168 tooth flywheel?

How do you tell the difference between a 153 and 168 tooth flywheel?

The few blocks out there that came with 168 tooth flywheels have starter bolt holes that are offset. Blocks that usually have a 153 have starter bolts in-line. An in-line block starter bolt pattern can adapt to 168 with a universal starter – or one made for that kind of block and a 168 tooth.

What cars did the T56 come in?

Over the years, the T56 took on a several different forms in the GM world—from the F-bodies to the Corvette, GTO, CTS-V, and SSR pickup. Each of these had its own distinct nuances, including different gear ratios. And, of course, just when we started to get a handle on it, Tremec introduced the TR6060.

Will a 153 tooth starter work on a 168 tooth flywheel?

You are 1/2 correct. You can go from 153 to 168 – but you can’t go from 168 to 153 if your block only has the offset starter bolt holes. Some blocks have THREE holes…and are able to do either – but two bolt offset blocks… no go.

How do I identify my GM flywheel?

How to Identify a Chevy Small Block Flywheel

  1. Measure the diameter of the flywheel with a machinist’s ruler. According to Jam Performance Transmissions, the flywheel sizes for small-block Chevrolet engines are the 12.75 inch and the 14 inch.
  2. Count the gear teeth on the perimeter of the flywheel.
  3. Look for a counterweight.

How do you check when your Bellhousing runs out?

The easiest way to measure the run-out is to rotate the crankshaft until the dial indicator is at the 12 o’clock position, and zero the gauge. Then, rotate the engine slowly in the proper direction (never rotate an engine backward) watching the gauge as the needle fluctuates.

Will a T56 fit a Chevy 350?

the t56 will bolt directly to the sbc with no mods. You will need one out of a lt1 or you will have to spend bank on a new bellhousing and other junk. You can use a stock lt1 flywheel if you have a 1 piece rear main seal. If not you need to by a flywheels that has the right bolt pattern.

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