How do you survive in Factions Minecraft?

How do you survive in Factions Minecraft?

You want to be at least 5,000 blocks away from the spawn, and even that’s the minimum. If you have the ability to teleport to a set of coordinates using a command (most servers won’t allow new players to), make sure that the coordinates are a great ways away from the spawn point.

How do you teleport in Factions?

Your faction may have a special home location. You can teleport there using /f home. You can also teleport to the homes of your allied factions using /f home .

How does power work in factions?

A Faction’s Power is dependent on all members in a faction, meaning the maximum power for a faction is the number of players part of the faction multiplied by 500. Originally, should a faction lose enough power, their land could be overclaimed by their enemies if the latter had more faction power.

How do I Turn on the leader of my faction?

There have been a lot of cases where Faction members turn on their Leader. — To invite someone to your Faction, do the following command >> /f invite. — The amount of people in your Faction, increases your max power.

What are some good ideas for faction names?

— Think of Movies, TV Shows, Personal Interests, etc… -Tip: Use a capitol letter at the beginning of your Faction name, it looks more professional. -Example: Highlanders, Elves, Treks. -NON-Examples: butterfly, swordpeople (These make you look weak.)

What to do when you die in your faction?

Put a penalty for dying in your faction. Example : If you die, you must give the owner a diamond. This may sound harsh, but it all works better in the end because you won’t have a bunch of annoying people eating up your power (and you get rich!).

Should I invite someone to join my faction?

Don’t invite just anyone to your faction. Some people will beg to join, then steal all your stuff and grief when they do join – then leave and move on to the next faction. If you are considering inviting someone to join, make sure they don’t have a bad reputation.

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