How do you score in Skindex 29?

How do you score in Skindex 29?

The corresponding Skindex-29 cut-off scores for severely impaired HRQL were as follows: ≥52 points on symptoms, ≥39 on emotions, ≥37 on functioning, and ≥44 on the overall score….Study population.

n %
Skindex-291 score
Symptoms 46.7 22.3 (0–96.4)
Emotions 37.6 22.0 (0–100.0)
Functioning 26.4 21.2 (0–97.9)

How do you score in Skindex?

All responses are transformed to a linear scale of 100, varying from 0 (no effect) to 100 (effect experienced all the time). Skindex scores are reported as three scale scores, corresponding to the three domains; a scale score is the average of a patient’s responses to items in a given domain.

What Skindex 16?

It is a short 16-item patient-completed assessment using numerical analogue scales (0=never bothered to 6=always bothered). Responses to the Skindex-16 are categorized into three subscales: symptom, emotional and functional (Table 1).

When was the Skindex released?

Developed in 1996, 1997 and 2001 respectively. The original 62-item-version of Skindex cannot be used. An adolescent version also exists: Skindex-Teen. Skindex-29 is a revised 29-items version of Skindex.

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How do you classify skindex-29 mean scores?

Nijsten et al. used mixture analyses to classify Skindex-29 mean scores as indicative of having very little, mild, moderate, severe or extremely severe (symptoms subscale only) impairment [26].

How many components are there in the skindex-29?

The Skindex-29 scores of454 Italian patients with 6 distinct skin diseases from a specialized center were analyzed using mixture analyses. The validity of the obtained categorizations was tested. Mixture analysis showed 4 distinct components (categories) for the emotion and functioning scale and 5 for the symptom scale.

Is the skindex-29 a distribution-based or anchor-based instrument?

In this Commentary, we compare two categorizations of a dermatological health–related quality-of-life (HRQoL) instrument, the Skindex-29. One was created on the basis of an anchor-based method, the other on a distribution-based method.

Does the skindex-29 fit the Rasch model?

The Skindex-29 of 454 Italian dermatological patients was subjected to Rasch analysis to investigate threshold order, differential item functioning (DIF), and item and overall fit to the model. The Skindex-29 did not fit the Rasch model (P<0.001).

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